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Practical Internet of Things networking: understanding IoT layered architecture
Herrero R., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2023. 549 pp. Type: Book (3031284429)
Date Reviewed: Apr 30 2024

This comprehensive guide delves into the intricate world of Internet of Things (IoT) networking. It is specifically aimed at professionals and enthusiasts who are keen on understanding the complexities of IoT networks and their layered architectures.

The book’s primary strength lies in its detailed exploration of the IoT layered architecture. It breaks down the IoT ecosystem into manageable layers, each of which is thoroughly examined. This layered approach is beneficial for readers to understand how different components of an IoT system interact and function together.

The author highlights the following key topics:

(1) The book meticulously covers each layer of IoT architecture, including the perception, network, middleware, application, and business layers. This segmentation allows for a focused study of each aspect, from sensor technology and communication protocols to data processing and user interfaces.
(2) The author does an excellent job of balancing technical depth with clarity. Complex concepts are explained with precision, making them accessible to readers who may not have a deep background in IoT or networking.
(3) The inclusion of real-world scenarios and case studies is a significant advantage. These examples provide practical insights into how IoT networking is implemented in various industries, enhancing the reader’s understanding of theoretical concepts.
(4) The book discusses emerging technologies and trends in IoT, such as edge computing, 5G technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) integration. This forward-looking approach ensures that readers are not just learning about current practices but are also prepared for future developments.
(5) Another notable aspect of the book is its emphasis on security in IoT networks. Given the vulnerabilities inherent in connected devices, this focus is both timely and essential.

Readers should also keep in mind some of the book’s limitations:

(1) The book’s technical nature might be challenging for absolute beginners or those without a background in networking or IoT.
(2) IoT is a rapidly evolving field, and some of the technologies and standards discussed may become outdated quickly. Readers should supplement their reading with up-to-date resources.
(3) While the book excels in theoretical explanations, some readers might seek more guidance on the practical implementation of IoT solutions.

In conclusion, Practical Internet of Things networking is a valuable resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of IoT networks. Its detailed examination of the layered architecture, combined with real-world examples and a focus on emerging technologies, makes it a worthwhile read for both professionals and enthusiasts in the field. However, readers should be prepared for its technical depth and the need to stay updated with the fast-paced changes in IoT technology.

Reviewer:  Mihailescu Marius Iulian Review #: CR147754
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