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Enterprise IoT : a definitive handbook
Balani N., CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Charleston, SC, 2015. 146 pp.  Type: Book (978-1-518790-86-7)
Date Reviewed: Sep 20 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT), the idea of connecting everything using Internet protocols, is one of the most innovative visions across industries as well as daily life. A wide range of subjects, from tiny sensors to big data analysis, are related to IoT; it is not easy for traditional software engineers who are experts in a specific subject to get familiar with every area. This book provides an introduction to enterprise IoT for beginners, with hands-on examples.

The authors start by introducing an IoT stack that includes core capabilities and services from the device level to solutions that enable IoT enterprise applications. It provides a brief introduction for each stack in chapter 1. Concepts and technologies for devices, communication, core platforms, and analytics platforms are described. It can be a good introduction for beginners; however, the technical depth is not satisfactory for serious readers. In chapter 2, three IoT applications--manufacturing, connected car, and connected home--are described using possible scenarios. Compared to the amount of information delivered, it seems that too many pages are used for applications. While the first two chapters describe IoT in the abstract, a hands-on approach is taken in chapter 3. Four major IoT platform providers--Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and GE--provide services corresponding to the IoT stack. For example, device client libraries help connect an IoT device to the core platform; the core platform provides IoT-specific service such as a data collection rules engine; and analytics provide a general service that can be used for cloud applications. In addition, the chapter handles the open-source IoT stack so that vendors can build their own IoT platforms.

In chapter 3, many commercial services are listed, and detailed sample code and many screen captures are provided. Thus, readers should be able to follow their implementation. However, each service is not described with implications and sufficient technical depth, and seriously depends on the manual published on each platform provider’s website. Serious readers are recommended to go to the reference sites.

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Reviewer:  Seon Yeong Han Review #: CR144777 (1612-0859)
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