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Programming Android : Java programming for the new generation of mobile devices (2nd ed.)
Mednieks Z., Dornin L., Meike G., Nakamura M., O’Reilly Media, Inc., Sebastopol, CA, 2012. 566 pp.  Type: Book (978-1-449316-64-8)
Date Reviewed: Jan 24 2013

Android is a Linux-based operating system designed mainly for mobile devices with touchscreens, including smartphones and tablet computers. With the growing popularity of these devices, this operating system and the applications designed for it have also become very popular.

The book presents tools and methods for developing Android applications. The authors start at the very beginning and provide details on the foundations of Java development and how to use the Java Development Kit (JDK) to build Android applications. This fundamental part also presents the capabilities of the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE). The second part addresses the Android framework. There are chapters on view building, 2D and 3D graphics manipulation, and working with relational databases. The third part demonstrates how to produce a well-formed Android application and discuses the life cycle of an app. The last part is devoted to more advanced topics such as speech recognition and social media. The authors include plenty of source code snippets and examples that enhance the text and make it easy to apply the information in practice.

I found this to be a very well-designed and well-implemented book that could be used by a wide range of readers, from beginners to professionals in Android applications development.

Reviewer:  Todor Todorov Review #: CR140864 (1304-0275)
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