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Ontology-based distributed autonomous knowledge systems
Raś Z., Dardzińska A. Information Systems29 (1):47-58,2004.Type:Article
Date Reviewed: Feb 5 2004

Distributed queries under incomplete information (knowledge) are discussed in this paper. There is a very short introduction to related solutions of the problem of incomplete knowledge, such as rough sets theory. A formal definition of distributed information systems is established, and definitions for global queries are provided.

Ra[ and DardziDska address the incomplete knowledge queries problem by using global queries. Semantic inconsistencies, which seem to be a main focus of the paper, are scrutinized. The paper ends with a section on query processing, which provides an extension to the main solution presented in the paper: the distributed autonomous knowledge system (DAKS). However, the paper fails to show convincing evidence of autonomy.

The paper does not seem to efficiently reference autonomous agents and their ontologies. Furthermore, there is very little analysis of the proposed solution in comparison with other traditional solutions known in approximate reasoning.

Reviewer:  Aladdin Ayesh Review #: CR129047 (0407-0843)
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Distributed Databases (H.2.4 ... )
Distributed Networks (C.2.1 ... )
Knowledge Representation Formalisms And Methods (I.2.4 )
Network Architecture And Design (C.2.1 )
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