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Numerical mathematics: theory and computer applications
Fröberg C. (ed), Benjamin-Cummings Publ. Co., Inc., Redwood City, CA, 1985. Type: Book (9780805325300)
Date Reviewed: Mar 1 1986

Fröberg has completely revised and restructured his earlier book [1], given it a new title, and a new publisher. It is now divided into five parts: Mathematical Introduction; Equations; Approximation; Integration and Summation; and Differential and Integral Equations. He presents a rather thorough exposition of most of the common topics found in standard numerical analysis textbooks for undergraduates at the junior-senior level or for first-year graduate students. In addition, several topics not commonly found in numerical analysis textbooks, such as special functions, Laplace transformations, and integral equations, are presented.

Each chapter and some of the sections begin with an enlightening or humorous quotation which either sets the stage for the material to be presented or gives the knowledgeable reader a chuckle. Each chapter ends with a set of exercises (mostly mathematical in nature). The book ends with a long section of answers and a complete list of current references.

This book does an excellent job of introducing the reader to a large number of topics in numerical mathematics in clear and concise sections of three to five pages. Those familiar with Fröberg’s previous book will most assuredly want to replace their copy with this up-to-date revision. Others, who are trying to choose among the many numerical analysis textbooks available for their class, should give this book serious consideration.

Reviewer:  David R. Kincaid Review #: CR109932
1) Fro:9akberg, C.-E. Introduction to numerical analysis (2nd ed.), Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1969.
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