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  Keywords in and out of context
Van der Veer Martens B., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2023. 164 pp.  Type: Book (303132529X)

In a literate society, the use of keywords is such a common everyday activity that we rarely reflect on the origins of their use. It seems so normal and inherent to our lives that using keywords is in our DNA. This is an enlightening short book on...

Feb 9 2024  
  Exercises in cellular automata and groups
Ceccherini-Silberstein T., Coornaert M., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2023. 627 pp.  Type: Book (9783031103902)

This book has been published as part of the “Springer Monographs in Mathematics” series. It complements the book Cellular automata and groups [1] and its forthcoming second edition by the same authors. The authors have also writ...

Feb 6 2024  
  Experimental studies in learning technology and child–computer interaction
Giannakos M., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2022. 107 pp.  Type: Book (9783031143496)

The impact of technology on learning has increased tremendously over the years. Computers play a major and undeniable role in this, and there is no doubt that small children are being increasingly exposed to them. It is therefore worth exploring t...

Jan 24 2024  
   Imagining AI
Cave S., Dihal K., OXFORD UNIVERISTY PRESS, Oxford, UK, 2023. 448 pp.  Type: Book (0192865366)

This collection of essays explores how different cultures around the world imagine intelligent machines. It notes that visions of intelligent machines predate modern technology, but the term “artificial intelligence (AI),” coined in 19...

Jan 22 2024  
  A deep learning technique for intrusion detection system using a recurrent neural networks based framework
Kasongo S. Computer Communications 199113-125, 2023.  Type: Article

So let’s assume you already know and understand that artificial intelligence’s main building blocks are perceptrons, that is, mathematical models of neurons. And you know that, while a single perceptron is too limited to get “int...

Jan 19 2024  
  Automating empathy: decoding technologies that gauge intimate life
McStay A., Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 2023. 304 pp.  Type: Book (0197615554)

This book is a travel guide to the future. It is a scholarly reimagination of life in the age of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technologies. It made my head hurt and my heart ache....

Jan 17 2024  
  Ethical and social issues in the Information Age (7th ed.)
Kizza J., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2023. 420 pp.  Type: Book (9783031248627)

The curricular standards for a bachelor’s degree in computer science (and related programs) requires instruction on the ethics and professional conduct of practitioners. Often there is a separate course that students are required to take. It...

Nov 27 2023  
   Deep learning in solar astronomy
Xu L., Yan Y., Huang X., Springer International Publishing, Singapore, 2022. 92 pp.  Type: Book (9789811927454)

Astronomy began with observations of things visible in the sky. In the Modern Era, observations of radio waves as well as visible light further advanced human knowledge. In solar astronomy we observe images, events such as solar flares, and magnet...

Nov 22 2023  
  Developing a workflow management system simulation for capturing internal IaaS behavioural knowledge
Al-Haboobi A., Kecskemeti G. Journal of Grid Computing 21(1): 1-26, 2023.  Type: Article

Scientific datasets are huge compared to even the most complex business ones, and their analysis methods are accordingly complex. These methods, called scientific workflows, consist of a large number of dependent jobs with complex priority constra...

Nov 13 2023  
  Red Hat RHCSA 9 EX200 certification guide
van Vugt S., Pearson, Hoboken, NJ, 2023. 664 pp.  Type: Book (978-0138096274)

Red Hat, Inc., a subsidiary of IBM, furnishes open-source software products for business concerns. Red Hat has become synonymous with its operating system (OS): Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). This book is an exam preparation guide to becoming a ...

Oct 20 2023  
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