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  A deep learning technique for intrusion detection system using a recurrent neural networks based framework
Kasongo S. Computer Communications 199113-125, 2023.  Type: Article

So let’s assume you already know and understand that artificial intelligence’s main building blocks are perceptrons, that is, mathematical models of neurons. And you know that, while a single perceptron is too limited to get “int...

  Beginning breadboarding: physical computing and the basic building blocks of computers
Fox J., Apress, New York, NY, 2023. 495 pp.  Type: Book (9781484292174)

The maker movement is getting more popular, possibly fueled by the recent coronavirus crisis that left many of us searching for new indoor activities. A niche within this field is electronics, with quite a few books available that teach the basics...

  Better Python code: a guide for aspiring experts
Mertz D., Martelli A., Pearson, Hoboken, NJ, 2023. 288 pp.  Type: Book (9780138320942)

The Python programming language’s versatility and ease of learning has made it a popular choice in both industry and academia. This has also led to the production of many Python books and tutorials....

   Imagining AI
Cave S., Dihal K., OXFORD UNIVERISTY PRESS, Oxford, UK, 2023. 448 pp.  Type: Book (0192865366)

This collection of essays explores how different cultures around the world imagine intelligent machines. It notes that visions of intelligent machines predate modern technology, but the term “artificial intelligence (AI),” coined in 19...

  Coding art: a guide to unlocking your creativity with the Processing language and p5.js in four simple steps
Funk M., Zhang Y., Apress, New York, NY, 2023. 333 pp.  Type: Book (9781484297797)

Coding art is a remarkable resource that expertly bridges the gap between artistic imagination and computational skills. The book, grounded in the Processing language and p5.js, serves as a practical handbook for integrating “art thin...

   The maniac
Labatut B., Penguin Press, Westminster, London, 2023. 368 pp.  Type: Book (9780593654477)

At the confluence of physics, mathematics, and computing, in the middle of the 20th century, lived a community of unique and sometimes troubled geniuses whose work created today’s technological marvels and dangers. Einstein, of course, Hilbe...

   The threshold: leading in the age of AI
Chatrath N., Diversion Books, New York, NY, 2023. 304 pp.  Type: Book (9781635768930)

Nick Chatrath’s thoughtful book on artificial intelligence (AI) is of vital significance for leaders across all levels, urging managers to align actions to guide AI for humanity’s benefit. Few leaders move beyond machine-like approache...

  Experimental studies in learning technology and child–computer interaction
Giannakos M., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2022. 107 pp.  Type: Book (9783031143496)

The impact of technology on learning has increased tremendously over the years. Computers play a major and undeniable role in this, and there is no doubt that small children are being increasingly exposed to them. It is therefore worth exploring t...

  CPFloat: a C library for simulating low-precision arithmetic
Fasi M., Mikaitis M. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 49(2): 1-32, 2023.  Type: Article

Mixed-mode floating-point arithmetic (MMFPA) is a requirement of modern numerical computing. The need arises, for instance, when computations entail execution on graphics processing units (GPUs) interleaved with execution on general-purpose (GP) c...

  Quick start guide to large language models: strategies and best practices for using ChatGPT and other LLMs
Ozdemir S., Pearson, Hoboken, NJ, 2023. 288 pp.  Type: Book (0138199191)

This book is devoted to the hot topics of large language models (LLMs) and generative artificial intelligence (AI). It can be considered as a guidebook that introduces readers to the realm of natural language processing (NLP) by exploiting open-so...

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