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  Industry 5.0 and its technologies: a systematic literature review upon the human place into IoT- and CPS-based industrial systems
Valette E., El-Haouzi H., Demesure G. Computers and Industrial Engineering 1842023.  Type: Article

The emergence of Industry 5.0 signifies “a paradigm shift that emphasizes the integration of advanced technologies with human-centric approaches” [1]. Valette et al. critically analyze Industry 5.0 and highlight its potential to improv...

  Writing by hand or digitally in first grade: effects on rate of learning to compose text
Spilling E., Rønneberg V., Rogne W., Roeser J., Torrance M. Computers & Education 1982023.  Type: Article

This paper is one outcome of the DigiHand project (2018-2022), funded by the Research Council of Norway (grant number 273422). It is divided into five sections: “Introduction,” “Method,” “Statistical Analysis,” ...

  Language-based software testing
Steinhöfel D., Zeller A. Communications of the ACM 67(4): 80-84, 2024.  Type: Article

Testing remains as the prime technique to check whether software satisfies the specified requirement. Owing to the high volume of potential inputs and expected outputs in very large systems, the process is laborious and error-prone if conducted ma...

  10 things software developers should learn about learning
Brown N., Hermans F., Margulieux L. Communications of the ACM 6778-87, 2024.  Type: Article

As software developers, we understand the detailed workings of the different components of our computer systems. And--probably due to how computers were presented since their appearance as “digital brains” in the 1940s--we so...

  Robots and the people who love them: holding on to our humanity in an age of social robots
Herold E., St. Martins Press, Inc., New York , NY, 2024. 256 pp.  Type: Book (9781250122216), Reviews: (1 of 2)

There is little doubt that robots, in one form or another, are embedded in contemporary culture. They are most often encountered as disembodied voices/responders in the initial screening of calls to a business, in using a voice-activated device li...

  Mental health in the digital age (2nd ed.)
Bauman S., Rivers I., Palgrave Macmillan, New York, NY, 2023. 220 pp.  Type: Book (3031321219)

Mental health and mental illness are two different terms that are often used interchangeably. The terms refer to the the scale or measurement of the state of mind and issues or problems related to that state of mind, respectively. Notably, this ed...

  Syllogistic logic and mathematical proof
Mancosu P., Mugnai M., Oxford University Press, Oxford, England, 2023. 240 pp.  Type: Book (0198876920)

Philosophical reflection on scientific methodology has long explored whether our reasoning, including mathematical reasoning, aligns with the structures analyzed by formal logic. This enduring inquiry, deeply rooted in Aristotle’s works (suc...

  On the adaptation of recurrent neural networks for system identification
Forgione M., Muni A., Piga D., Gallieri M. Automatica (Journal of IFAC) 1552023.  Type: Article

In this pape, Forgione et al. propose a transfer learning methodology to adapt recurrent neural network (RNN) models for dynamic system identification to new operating conditions. The approach is premised on the concept that the dynamics of real-w...

   The AI revolution in project management: elevating productivity with generative AI
Kanabar V., Wong J., Pearson, Hoboken ,NJ, 2023. 400 pp.  Type: Book (9780138297336)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly shaped our professional experiences in various domains in recent years. In particular, generative AI and the associated large language models (LLMs) have opened the door to major disruptive innovation...

   Hacks, leaks, and revelations: the art of analyzing hacked and leaked data
Lee M., No Starch Press, San Francisco, CA, 2024. 544 pp.  Type: Book (9781718503120)

Imagine you’ve come across a trove of files documenting a serious deed and you feel the need to “blow the whistle.” Or maybe you are an investigative journalist and this whistleblower trusts you and wants to give you said data. O...

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