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  A deep learning technique for intrusion detection system using a recurrent neural networks based framework
Kasongo S. Computer Communications 199113-125, 2023.  Type: Article

So let’s assume you already know and understand that artificial intelligence’s main building blocks are perceptrons, that is, mathematical models of neurons. And you know that, while a single perceptron is too limited to get “int...

   The threshold: leading in the age of AI
Chatrath N., Diversion Books, New York, NY, 2023. 304 pp.  Type: Book (9781635768930)

Nick Chatrath’s thoughtful book on artificial intelligence (AI) is of vital significance for leaders across all levels, urging managers to align actions to guide AI for humanity’s benefit. Few leaders move beyond machine-like approache...

  Distributional reinforcement learning
Bellemare M., Dabney W., Rowland M., MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachucetts, 2023. 384 pp.  Type: Book (0262048019)

Rarely does a book introduce a new field of study at the intersection of computer science, deep reinforcement learning (RL), probability theory, statistics, and applied math. In their work at Google DeepMind, the authors applied technologies like ...

  Trustworthy AI: from principles to practices
Li B., Qi P., Liu B., Di S., Liu J., Pei J., Yi J., Zhou B. ACM Computing Surveys 55(9): 1-46, 2023.  Type: Article

As systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) have become the backbone of various public services such as transportation, finance, medicine, security, academics, medicine, and entertainment, the reliability and trustworthiness of AI artifacts/p...

   Simple type theory: a practical logic for expressing and reasoning about mathematical ideas
Farmer W., BIRKHAUSER, Basel, Switzerland, 2023. 312 pp.  Type: Book (3031211138)

What has evolved from the famous century-old (Bertrand) Russell paradox and Russell’s consequent theory of types needs, in my opinion, all the useful elaboration, clarification, explication, and explanation that it can get. Any nontrivial ex...

  Algorithms for big data
Bast H., Korzen C., Meyer U., Penschuck M., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2023. 299 pp.  Type: Book (3031215338)

This book is an output from the German Research Foundation’s priority programme SPP 1736 on “Algorithms for Big Data.” SPP 1736 funded 15 projects, and a few projects with their own funding were also associated with the programme...

  Exercises in cellular automata and groups
Ceccherini-Silberstein T., Coornaert M., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2023. 627 pp.  Type: Book (9783031103902)

This book has been published as part of the “Springer Monographs in Mathematics” series. It complements the book Cellular automata and groups [1] and its forthcoming second edition by the same authors. The authors have also writ...

  Pro Bash: learn to script and program the GNU/Linux shell (3rd ed.)
Varma J., Apress, New York, NY, 2023. 305 pp.  Type: Book (9781484295878)

This is an excellent reference book for those who need to write Bash scripts. It is well organized, logically presented, and covers all the major commands and structures that are necessary to write useful scripts. The book makes few assumptions ab...

  Hierarchical reinforcement learning for efficient and effective automated penetration testing of large networks
Ghanem M., Chen T., Nepomuceno E. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems 601-23, 2023.  Type: Article

Cybersecurity practitioners require alternative approaches and tools for combating the emerging security threats worldwide. How effective are current penetration testing (PT) training modules in cybersecurity degree and certification programs for ...

  Keywords in and out of context
Van der Veer Martens B., Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2023. 164 pp.  Type: Book (303132529X)

In a literate society, the use of keywords is such a common everyday activity that we rarely reflect on the origins of their use. It seems so normal and inherent to our lives that using keywords is in our DNA. This is an enlightening short book on...

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