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  Usage, costs, and benefits of continuous integration in open-source projects
Hilton M., Tunnell T., Huang K., Marinov D., Dig D.  ASE 2016 (Proceedings of the 31st IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, Singapore,  Sep 3-7, 2016) 426-437, 2016. Type: Proceedings

A profound revolution has been taking place throughout software engineering, led again by the software industry. Continuous integration (CI) was first discussed in 1991, but until recently only a handful of research papers on the subject were publ...

  Foundations for using linear temporal logic in Event-B refinement
Hoang T., Schneider S., Treharne H., Williams D.  Formal Aspects of Computing 28(6): 909-935, 2016. Type: Article

Event-B is a formal method for system-level modeling and analysis. In the last decade, Event-B refinement has generated a lot of interest as a formalism for developing highly reliable software. The Event-B language, along with tools such as Rodin ...

  Brain storm optimization algorithm: a review
Cheng S., Qin Q., Chen J., Shi Y.  Artificial Intelligence Review 46(4): 445-458, 2016. Type: Article

This paper is a review of research in the area of brain storm optimization (BSO) algorithms that examines the “more effective algorithms and search strategies.” This type of technique has application in the real world, for example, to ...

  Cellular machine-type communications: physical challenges and solutions
Wang M., Yang W., Zou J., Ren B., Hua M., Zhang J., You X.  IEEE Wireless Communications 23(2): 126-135, 2016. Type: Article

Machine type communication (MTC) is an emerging technology with unbelievable penetration in different aspects of human life; wireless communication would play a great role in its implementation. The compatibility and coordination of these technolo...

  Anti-fragile ICT systems
Hole K.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2016. 151 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319300-68-9)

Large, complex information and communications technology (ICT) systems need to have been designed so that unexpected stressors and events do not cause the systems to fail. This is particularly important where a system failure could have dire conse...

  A mathematical theory of resources
Coecke B., Fritz T., Spekkens R.  Information and Computation 25059-86, 2016. Type: Article

Many of the physical sciences ultimately deal with resources. The important questions are: Can a given resource be converted into another? And if so, how? Examples abound:...

  Vehicular cyber physical systems: adaptive connectivity and security
Rawat D., Bajracharya C.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2016. 75 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319444-93-2)

The title of this slim book indicates that it is about the connectivity and security of vehicular cyber-physical systems. However, it only covers a very restricted range of these topics. Its five chapters are based on papers by the first author. T...

   Play ethics: values, virtues and videogames
Miguel Sicart. YouTube, 00:56:43, published on Mar 28, 2016, Stanford, Type: Video

Sicart’s groundbreaking work has clarified the ethics of gaming. In this presentation, he notes that he is a scholar of play who, interestingly enough, no longer plays video games....

   Cost aware service placement and load dispatching in mobile cloud systems
Yang L., Cao J., Liang G., Han X.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 65(5): 1440-1452, 2016. Type: Article

In mobile clouds, users accessing cloud services on mobile devices may experience long delays that are detrimental to the user experience. One solution largely investigated is to deploy cloud services on cloudlets, smaller but powerful servers loc...

  Fundamentals of fibre optics in telecommunication and sensor systems (2nd ed.)
Pal B.,  NEW AGE INTERNATIONAL LTD., New Delhi, India, 2015.Type: Book (978-8-122436-62-4)

This collective 620-page volume brings together many of the fundamental constituents of fiber optical communications and sensing, together with specifics in a range of applications. It turns out that this is the 2015 second edition of the book (th...

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