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Paul Cull: 1943-2019
We recently learned that Paul Cull, one of our long-time category editors, passed away on December 17, 2019. Paul was a category editor for Computing Reviews—responsible for the Theory of Computation (F) area—for almost 20 years. He will be greatly missed by the CR community

ACM Service Awards Recognize Leaders Who Strengthen the Computing Community
The recipient of the 2019 Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award is Mordechai (Moti) Ben-Ari, Professor at Weizmann Institute of Science. Ben-Ari is being awarded for: his pioneering textbooks, software tools and research on learning programming, concurrent programming, program visualisation, logic, programming languages and robotics, spanning four decades and aimed at both novices and advanced students in several sub-fields of computing.

2020 Computing Reviews Editorial
Computing Reviews (CR) started in 1995, when I got a call from my former advisor, Uel Jackson McMahan, a neurobiology professor at Stanford and now also at Texas A&M. At the time, journal articles were not available on the web; everything was still on paper. Jack told me many researchers use reviews when starting new projects, or when preparing to teach a new class. However, the good review articles, the objective ones, are usually out of date. Jack’s lab had an idea: put review articles online and update them regularly. This seems matter of fact now, but as Jack used to say

Computing Reviews Announces 21st Annual Best of Computing
Computing Reviews (CR), an ACM/ThinkLoud publication, presents the 21st Annual Best of Computing, a compilation of our best reviews and the most interesting books and articles of the year. Working with the insight and recommendations of the CR community, Best

Alejandro (Alex) López-Ortiz: in memoriam
The ACM Computing Reviews editorial staff joins with colleagues and friends of Alex Lopez-Ortiz (U. Waterloo) to mourn his passing

2016 Computing Reviews Editorial
Whether evolution or revolution, academic and professional publishing is changing in ways that both augment and subtract from what has been familiar to us. Careful consideration of how we at ACM Computing Reviews (CR) might embrace certain newer developments

The future of CS journals and conferences (2015 Editorial)
The publication culture in computing is becoming more diverse. An increasing number of authors (mostly outside of the US) are expected to publish papers in journals in order to get tenure or promotion. The dominant publication culture in computing, however, is conference publication

Computing Reviews announces the annual Best of Computing
Computing Reviews (CR), an ACM/ThinkLoud publication, is proud to present the annual Best of Computing, which features the Best Reviews and Notable Books & Articles.

2014 Computing Reviews Editorial
Just a few days ago I read an unusual, and likely satirical, op-ed in the New York Times. The media pundit, Bob Garfield, was declaiming against a well-known Internet news and views site for its decision

Computing Reviews announces the annual Best of Computing
Computing Reviews (CR), an ACM/ThinkLoud publication, is proud to present the annual Best of Computing, which features the Best Reviews and Notable Books & Articles.

2013 Computing Reviews Editorial
As we welcome 2013, the staff of Computing Reviews (CR) foresees devoting considerable attention to incorporating the new Computing Classification Scheme (CCS) 2012 into our own infrastructure. If you have not yet glanced

Larry Bernstein: 1940-2012
Sadly, one of our category editors, Larry Bernstein, passed away last week after a long and heroic battle with cancer. Larry—a category editor covering operating systems (D.4) and other miscellaneous software topics (D.m)—worked with

Computing Reviews - New URL
Computing Reviews has a new address: This new URL is effective immediately, and will be the main URL for Computing Reviews after April 1, 2012.

Computing Reviews is moving. is expanding and Computing Reviews is moving to update your links and

2012 Computing Reviews Editorial
During the past couple of months, we have had some changes in our set of category editors. Joining the group is Antonio Badia from the University of Louisville, who is covering databases, information systems, and related

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011
Steve was such an 'original,' with a thoroughly creative, imaginative mind that defined an era. Despite all he accomplished, it feels like he was just getting started. With

Your Feedback
We are working with Primal to develop a new product - Camera Reviews - and would love to get your feedback. Intended for the consumer market, Camera Reviews instantly creates

2011 Computing Reviews Editorial
As you may know, Computing Reviews relies on the ACM’s Computing Classification Scheme (CCS) to help us classify all of the items we review. Since the computing field changes so quickly, it is necessary

ACM Expands Partnership with
ACM has teamed up with to market, sell, and distribute access to the online database for the ACM Computing Reviews journal published by ACM in collaboration with Effective October 13, 2010, institutional subscriptions to the academic, government, and corporate markets will be sold exclusively by ACM and its authorized sales agents.

David Pieratt: 1952-2010
It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our coworker and friend, David Pieratt. David worked in the sales department

2010 Computing Reviews Editorial
Broad discussions in the community on practically any topic related to publishing and to the communication of computing research information hold relevance for Computing Reviews (CR) editors. Recent opinion pieces by both Vardi [1]

Lou Lucke: 1931-2009
We recently learned that Lou Lucke, one of our long-time category editors, passed away on May 16, 2009.... We thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and he will be greatly missed by the CR community.

6/10/09 Announces 2010 Pricing Freeze for Computing Reviews will freeze Computing Reviews' online subscription rates for 2010. Considering the budget cuts many libraries are facing, the 2010 prize freeze aims to address the needs of our current and new subscribers. is committed to the exchange of knowledge in the computing community and making Computing Reviews available to institutions worldwide.

2009 Computing Reviews Editorial
Change—the rhetoric of it, as well as the factual evidence of it—is all around. Change can come in small increments or in gigantic leaps from one plateau to the next. Those latter sorts are particularly challenging: going from one regime, with its familiar parameters, to one that is fundamentally different. The pace of

The Computing Reviews Community Grows in Asia is pleased to announce that over the past year many newreaders and subscribers have joined the Computing Reviews (CR)community. The largest growth has taken place in Asia.

2008 Computing Reviews Editorial
Typical thoughts I turn to for the annual editorial in Computing Reviews are such things as coverage, scope, or extra features. This time, let’s set those sorts of things aside and get down to something even more

Computing Reviews - Finalist in 2007 Codie Awards
The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) has released its finalists list for the 22nd Annual Codie Awards, and Computing Reviews was selected as a finalist for Best Online Science or Technology Service.

2007 Computing Reviews Editorial
Our colleague, Mary-Lynn Bragg (herself a blogger), has been taking steps to furnish Computing Reviews with a minimal weblog “ecology.” The most obvious manifestation of this is the orange RSS feed icon on our top-level page. This gives readers

Computing Reviews launches Blog
This blog lets you know about the latest Computing Reviews news. You can find out about new features on the site, featured reviewers, the latest Hot Topics essay, conferences, and more.

Can game theory make electronic markets more efficient?
To find out, read our new Hot Topic essay, by Amy Greenwald, which looks at e-commerce through the lens of game theory.

What does it take for a virtual actor to become alive?
Computing Reviews is pleased to present a new Hot Topic "Autonomous Virtual Characters: Realistic Inhabitants of Artificial Worlds." This is the fourth essay in a new series that can only be read online.

2006 Computing Reviews Editorial
Hats off to our category editors! In recent months, we’ve seen off two of our editors, and welcomed some new ones to our editorial board. Indranil Chakravarty (Image Processing and Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition) has stepped down to devote more time to his consulting

Computing Reviews Releases Hot Topic on Cryptography's Effect on Digital Content Distribution
Today, Computing Reviews published its third Hot Topic: "Managing the Unmanageable: Putting Cryptography to Work for Digital Rights." Hot Topics, a series of essays focusing on emergent areas of computer science, was released as a new section of Computing Reviews in September 2004.

E-Content Magazine Writes About Computing Reviews is pleased to announce that Computing Reviews has been discussed in E-Content Magazine. E-Content, the premier publication for the digital content industry, identifies and profiles emerging trends and resources.

Computing Reviews Publishes Hot Topic on Brain Machine Interfaces
Today, Computing Reviews released "Brain Machine Interfaces: Mind over Matter" in its new Hot Topics section. This is the second essay to be published in Hot Topics, and marks Computing Reviews' expansion from publishing reviews of articles and books to creating an additional framework for reviewing seminal topics.

Computing Reviews - Finalist in 2005 Codie Awards
The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) announced the finalist of its 20th Annual Codie Awards today. Computing Reviews is a finalist in the Content category and is competing for Best Online Science or Technology Service with four other finalists.

2005 Computing Reviews Editorial
One of the most satisfying aspects of my work with our editorial team is bringing new features to Computing Reviews. The new version of our Web interface was tested and released several months ago—a milestone for any Web-based information resource. Positive

Charleston Advisor Reviews Computing Reviews is pleased to announce that Computing Reviews (CR) has been reviewed in the Charleston Advisor. The Charleston Advisor writes critical reviews of library web products and is the leading consumer report for information professionals. The review, written by Ellie Dworak, gave CR an overall ranking of four and a quarter of five possible stars and rated CR's searchability with a high five stars.

Computing Reviews Releases Hot Topics
Today, at the Library and Online Resources Technologies Conference, Computing Reviews announced the release of a new section, Hot Topics. Hot Topics are review articles that focus on emergent areas of computer science. They are the first series of review articles to be updated on a regular basis.

Computing Reviews Unveils New Look and the ACM are pleased to announce the launch of Computing Review's New Look. The online version of Computing Reviews is completely redesigned and has gone live as of July 6, 2004.

2004 Computing Reviews Editorial
Growth is a fascinating phenomenon to observe. One can be happy to see a new house go up across the street because maybe one’s own home will rise in value. The downside might be the loss of the view afforded by

Computing Reviews - Finalist in 2004 Codie Awards
The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) announced the finalists of its 19th Annual Codie Awards today. Computing Reviews is a finalist in the Content Industry Category and is competing for Best Online Science/Technology/Medical Information Service with five other finalists.

2003 Computing Reviews Editorial
This has been a signal year for all involved in Computing Reviews. In 2002, CR became an “online first” publication in the sense that the content of each issue appears initially online—published, in fact

Computing Reviews Automated Production System Completed as Reviewers Begin Self-Assigning Items, Writing Reviews Online: 1000-plus reviewers online for immediate, real-time editing
Today, with the addition of the online Reviewer's Area, completed the launch of Computing Review's automated production system. CR's community of 1000-plus reviewers can now search and self-assign items for review, and then write and submit their reviews online. Computing Reviews is the online resource for reviews of the best books and articles in computing literature, available for subscription at

Online Magazine Features Computing Reviews is pleased to announce that a feature on Computing Reviews has been published in Online Magazine. Online is the leading magazine for information professionals, helping its readers select and manage electronic information products.

Computing Reviews Editors Begin Using Online System to Provide Faster Reviews, More Input and Real Time Editing
Today, Computing Reviews Editors began using the newly launched online Category Editor's Module, which allows them to edit and rate reviews, communicate with Reviewers, as well as assign and suggest items for review in an immediate time setting. The Category Editor's Module is part of Computing Reviews, the online resource for reviews of the best books and articles in computing literature, available for subscription at

Computing Reviews Completes Successful Test Launch, Opens To Paid Subscribers
Today, Computing Reviews, the online resource for reviews of the best in computing literature, announced the completion of its beta testing period and will now begin accepting paid subscriptions."Granting a period of free access was vital to the development of Computing Reviews," said Bruce Antelman, President of

Carol Hutchins Appointed Editor-in-Chief of Computing Reviews
Carol Hutchins, Head Librarian of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Library at New York University, has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of Computing Reviews, an online resource for reviews of the best in computing literature.Developed by and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Computing Reviews helps readers manage the large amount of new material published in computer science by pointing them to the best new journal articles and books and giving them a continually updated overview of the field...

Computing Reviews Named Site of the Week by CMP's Information Week is pleased to announce that Computing Reviews has been named Site of the Week by Information Week. Published by CMP, Information Week provides business technology professionals with new perspectives and in-depth analysis on the latest IT developments.

ACM and Launch Gateway for the Best in Computing Literature at SLA 2001
Today, at the SLA's (Special Libraries Association) annual meeting in San Antonio, The ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and, a Silicon Valley based publisher of reviews on academic and professional content, announced the launch of, an online resource for reviews on the best in computing literature...



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