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August 21, 2019

Computational texture and patterns: from textons to deep learning
This slim volume considers the question of representing and matching textures and similar patterns. This question is closely related to recognition--for example, recognizing that something is a picture of a leafless tree--and segmentation, that is, picking out the distinct (leaved) trees in a... more
DOMAIN. So young Rossum said to himself: A man is something that, for instance, feels happy, plays the fiddle, likes going for walks, and, in fact, wants to do a whole lot... more
- Karel Capek (1923)
Rumor blocking through online link deletion on social networks: ACM Trans. on Knowledge Discovery from Data

Today, people often depend on social networking services to get information. It is often observed that rumors spread quickly over social networks, owing to personal relationships. Social networking... more

Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Aug 21 19

In search of a scalable Raft-based replication architecture: PaPoC 19

Since parallel and distributed processing have become key issues of high throughput computer processing, there have been many efforts to find solutions (for example, architectures, communication systems, technologies... more

General (C.0) | Aug 21 19

Research for practice: troubling trends in machine-learning scholarship: Communications of the ACM

The article reviews the attention paid to an important issue in machine learning research, but the problem raised can be generalized to other fields within computer science and informatics. Machine learning and... more

Learning (I.2.6) | Aug 20 19

Take it or leave it: a survey study on operating system upgrade practices: ACSAC 18

Periodic software updates are a necessary evil to keep computers and other digital devices protected from viruses and other malicious forms of exploitation; still, many users resent reminders from vendors... more

Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | Aug 19 19

Orchestrating complex application architectures in heterogeneous clouds: Journal of Grid Computing

The authors present INDIGO-DataCloud for deploying cloud applications across multiple cloud management platforms (CMPs) that require complex topologies and operational... more

General (C.2.0) | Aug 19 19

Reliable industrial IoT-based distributed automation: IoTDI 19

This paper shows improved reliability in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) distributed automation systems by following along at runtime against expected real-world fault models. This novel idea represents... more

General (C.2.0) | Aug 16 19

Smart city system design: ACM Computing Surveys

As the authors state, “smart city applications in healthcare, transportation, utility, safety, and environmental health” are likely to benefit from machine intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. In this survey article on smart city system design... more

Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Aug 16 19

Sentiment analysis for software engineering: ICSE 18

Sentiment analysis continues to be successfully applied to consumer reviews. In other areas, the challenges involved can prove insurmountable. A failed attempt to successfully apply sentiment analysis is reported... more

General (D.2.0) | Aug 15 19

Back to the future: Communications of the ACM

The name of this short article comes from the fact that the dawn of the Internet with the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) reintroduced the store-and-forward method used for telegraphs, but instead of... more

Public Networks (C.2.3...) | Aug 15 19

Algorithm 993: ACM Trans. on Mathematical Software

The Kronecker product of two matrices replaces each element of the first matrix with a multiple of a copy of the second matrix. The history, applications, and properties of the Kronecker and the symmetric... more

Numerical Algorithms & Problems (F.2.1) | Aug 14 19

Goal-directed decision making: computations and neural circuits

In the past few years, many disciplines have merged together for an improved understanding of goal-directed decisions. Such disciplines include neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, and computer... more
Cognitive Simulation (I.2.0...) | Aug 21 19

Randomized algorithms in automatic control and data mining

The book is a good resource for scientists, researchers, and practitioners who have a basic understanding of algorithms, control, and data mining in intelligent systems. It requires some background in these areas in order to grasp the material. Each chapter... more
Process Control Systems (C.3...) | Aug 21 19

Natural language processing for social media (2nd ed.)

As social networks gain widespread popularity, they dominate all other forms of communication, particularly among youth (but of course not only). Perhaps this is because of real-time information and opinion... more
Natural Language Processing (I.2.7) | Aug 19 19

Computational texture and patterns

This slim volume considers the question of representing and matching textures and similar patterns. This question is closely related to recognition--for example, recognizing that something is a picture of a leafless tree--and segmentation, that is, picking out the... more
Vision & Scene Understanding (I.2.10) | Aug 16 19

Location-based gaming

Location-based games, an offshoot of more traditional video games, provide unique opportunities for interaction in shared public spaces, experiments in social dynamics, artistic exploration, and of course fun. In order to more fully understand the... more
Games (K.8.0...) | Aug 15 19

Contactless 3D fingerprint identification

I am interested in machine learning (ML)-based image classification. Thus, I thought this book may be an interesting read about how ML techniques are applied to fingerprinting. As it turns out, the book is not about ML, but just plain mathematics and algorithms... more
Computer Vision (I.5.4...) | Aug 13 19

Orthogonal waveforms and filter banks for future communication systems

Filter bank multicarrier (FBMC) signaling policy is the subject of this book. To explain its different features and functionalities in different communication interaction scenarios, the authors present a comprehensive... more
Signal Processing Systems (C.3...) | Aug 12 19

Research advances in cloud computing

This book includes recent research trends in cloud computing. It covers a wide range of research topics, some of which will be of interest to cloud users and others to cloud vendors. This review organizes 18 chapters into topics for cloud users, cloud... more
Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Aug 8 19

You’ll see this message when it is too late

It seems not a day goes by without a media headline of some cybersecurity breach somewhere. Whether espionage, financial attack, or theft of personal data, we see a brief burst of hysteria followed by assurances that the problem is fixed, and then the media moves... more
Privacy (K.4.1...) | Aug 7 19

Logic functions and equations (2nd ed.)

Logic functions, commonly known as Boolean functions, arise in many areas of computer science and information technology. On a fundamental technological level, every digital circuit can be modeled as a Boolean function. Design, optimization, and circuit synthesis... more
General (F.3.0) | Aug 6 19

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