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September 20, 2020

Taming uncertainty
Humans are not the rational optimizers posited by classical economics or the axiomatic game theory of von Neumann and Morgenstern. Since 2012, the Center for Adaptive Rationality at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin has been exploring the real nature of human decisions under uncertainty, using both... more
The emphasis must be on getting good people. Good people, more so in computing than in other fields, are the staff of life. Get the good people first and the good technology will surely follow... more
- Aaron Finerman (1994)
A unified framework with multi-source data for predicting passenger demands of ride services: ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data

Ride-sharing service customers look for and deserve fair fares. However, with the use of the Internet to access competing fares when booking shared rides... more

Decision Support (H.4.2...) | Sep 15 20

SparseX: a library for high-performance sparse matrix-vector multiplication on multicore platforms: ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software

The treatment of many scientific and engineering problems leads nearly always to huge computational tasks, which can cause... more

Software Libraries (D.2.2...) | Sep 14 20

A real-time framework for task assignment in hyperlocal spatial crowdsourcing: ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology

Hyperspatial crowdsourcing is a low-cost methodology that uses capable individuals, located in the vicinity of task location, to acquire fine-grain data for... more

Spatial Databases And GIS (H.2.8...) | Sep 9 20

Joint online coflow routing and scheduling in data center networks: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking

With the proliferation of big data initiatives across corporations and academia, the importance of distributed computing frameworks has created... more

Network Architecture & Design (C.2.1) | Sep 3 20

Learning from human-robot interactions in modeled scenes: SIGGRAPH 19

Usually robots are checked and tested in virtual environments before delivering them to the real world. In this poster, however, the robot is only virtual, and users interacting with it are also rendered in virtual reality. The authors... more

General (I.0) | Sep 2 20

Identifying pathways to computer science: ACM Transactions on Computing Education (TOCE)

There is a consensus in computer science (CS) education that student numbers are not growing; furthermore, the number of female students is still very low. This situation attracts considerable... more

Computer Science Education (K.3.2...) | Aug 31 20

Embedded EthiCS: integrating ethics across CS education: Communications of the ACM

Motivated by a plethora of exemplary “intelligent” information enterprises, this article presents results related to Embedded EthiCS, “a Harvard-based pilot program [that] integrates class sessions on... more

Codes of Ethics (K.7.4...) | Aug 27 20

Quantum computing: survey and analysis: Cybernetics and Systems Analysis

With quantum supremacy allegedly having been achieved by Google, the need for short, correct, and accessible introductions into the quantum computing (QC) realm certainly is going to rise. Regrettably... more

Physics (J.2...) | Aug 20 20

Building consistent transactions with inconsistent replication: ACM Transactions on Computer Systems

Large-scale transaction processing systems must balance the need for minimal response times with maintaining the integrity of the data being processed. In theory, transactions are processed sequentially... more

Distributed Architectures (C.1.4...) | Aug 18 20

RDF multi-query optimization algorithm for query rewriting using common subgraphs: CSAE 19

Resource description framework (RDF) is a data representation standard for loosely structured data that can be used to represent large datasets that arise in applications such as... more

Optimization (G.1.6) | Aug 17 20

Abstract algebra with applications

Any experienced teacher of a classical field of mathematics who wishes to publish a new textbook in such an area has to figure out how to present a topic with a long tradition to a new generation of... more
Mathematics And Statistics (J.2...) | Sep 18 20

Geographical design (2nd ed.)

A very brief but possibly useful book/booklet/pamphlet (I am not sure how to best characterize it), Geographical design has some strangeness and some faults; but other than that, it appears to be something that may interest a broader audience than might be... more
General (H.0) | Sep 17 20

Data-intensive workflow management: for clouds and data-intensive and scalable computing environments

Data-intensive workflows turn up in scientific domains where the most current information technologies find application areas. The “differentia specifica” between business and scientific workflows is the... more
Frameworks (D.3.3...) | Sep 16 20

Software product management

According to author Timo Wagenblatt, software product production and marketing can be managed in a data-driven and quantitatively characterized manner. This book is based on his long career in software product management, which includes his early years at a... more
Project And People Management (K.6.1) | Sep 11 20

Variational Bayesian learning theory

In machine learning, variational Bayesian (VB) learning is one of the most popular methods, according to the back cover of the book. The VB learning framework poses and solves optimization problems. The book explains the optimization of target distributions... more
Learning (I.2.6) | Sep 10 20

Adversarial machine learning

Machine learning is behind many of the systems we typically use, both online and offline, and behind even more of the systems we might use in the future. Given their economic importance, they attract attackers who might be interested in interfering with their... more
Learning (I.2.6) | Sep 8 20

The blockchain developer

“Blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” are now common terms in news headlines. They promise a huge revolution--not only in the finance sector, but also in other activities--by removing intermediaries. This book gives an introduction to blockchain technology... more
Electronic Commerce (K.4.4) | Sep 4 20

Introduction to formal philosophy

The physicist Richard Feynman, famed in nonscientific circles for his autobiographical books describing his scientific adventures, as well as some of his more popularly accessible lectures in physics (originally delivered to undergraduate classes at the California Institute of Technology... more
Philosophical Foundations (I.2.0...) | Sep 1 20

Artificial intelligence and inclusive education

The recent foray of artificial intelligence (AI) applications into the domain of education has generated both excitement and concern among experts. Artificial intelligence and inclusive education, edited by... more
Education (J.1...) | Aug 28 20

Deviance in social media and social cyber forensics

This short treatise is part of the “SpringerBriefs in Cybersecurity” series. The briefs in this series are either topic focused, like this book, or country focused. As the title suggests,the book focuses on deviant behavior across numerous social media platforms, offers... more
Human Factors (H.1.2...) | Aug 26 20

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