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March 26, 2019

New solutions for cybersecurity
There is a growing recognition that “humans are now [deeply] embedded in three interconnected systems”--social, environmental, and cyber--and the sustainable development of this planet “rest[s] not only on the sustainability of the social and the natural system, but also on ... the cyber system.” The global expansion of... more
As science and technology advance, we see a growing public concern about their social and cultural consequences. There are fears about... more
- Jerome I. Friedman (2002)
Revisiting the risks of Bitcoin currency exchange closure: ACM Transactions on Internet Technology

As someone who has written a few general articles on the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, this review assignment was extremely interesting to me... more

Cybercash, Digital Cash (K.4.4...) | Mar 26 19

Computing the homology of basic semialgebraic sets in weak exponential time: Journal of the ACM

A semialgebraic set is a subset of a finite-dimensional Euclidean space defined by a finite list of polynomial equalities and inequalities. These sets can be weird, so it... more

Comp. Geometry & Object Modeling (I.3.5) | Mar 26 19

Responding to sensitive disclosures on social media: a decision-making framework: ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

What is it about disclosing personal information online through social media sites, especially when sensitive information is delicate not only for the discloser... more

Social Networking (H.3.4...) | Mar 26 19

Arabic authorship attribution: an extensive study on Twitter posts: ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing

Altakrori et al. present an excellent study on Arabic authorship attributes from Twitter posts. The coverage of the subject is very extensive. The authors... more

Content Analysis & Indexing (H.3.1) | Mar 25 19

Understanding cross-site linking in online social networks: ACM Transactions on the Web

This paper is a data-driven analysis of cross-site linking in online social networks, including Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter. It describes the user behavior behind cross-site linking and why users do... more

Social Networking (H.3.4...) | Mar 22 19

A novel multilayer AAA model for integrated applications: Neural Computing and Applications

Unidimensional static security policies cannot cater to the needs of a growing enterprise anymore. Local regulations, business processes, operational levels, and threat modeling are the... more

Neural Nets (C.1.3...) | Mar 22 19

Package-aware scheduling of FaaS functions: ICPE 18

This paper applies the longstanding notion of caching to the new field of serverless computing. Moving computation to the data, that is, functions to the nodes where libraries are cached, is advantageous... more

Scheduling (D.4.1...) | Mar 22 19

Context-driven and real-time provisioning of data-centric IoT services in the cloud: ACM Transactions on Internet Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing infrastructure are synonymous in contemporary computing, insomuch as the phenomena relate... more

Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Mar 21 19

The seven tools of causal inference, with reflections on machine learning: Communications of the ACM

Social media tells us that data science, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) are big. The author of this article, whose title evokes a well-known self-help book [1], has made important contributions to... more

Learning (I.2.6) | Mar 21 19

Symbolic checking of fuzzy CTL on fuzzy program graph: Acta Informatica

This paper presents a new temporal logic for fuzzy logic systems, fuzzy computation tree logic (FzCTL), based on previous work on Kripke structures for fuzzy logic systems, that is, fuzzy program graph (FzPG) [1]. The motivation for... more

Temporal Logic (F.4.1...) | Mar 20 19

Feature engineering for machine learning and data analytics

“Machine learning,” “data analytics,” “pattern recognition,” “data mining,” “knowledge discovery in databases,” and “artificial intelligence” are terms that are often used interchangeably when it comes to finding... more
Information Search & Retrieval (H.3.3) | Mar 25 19

Modeling discrete-event systems with GPenSIM: an introduction

GPenSim is a freely downloadable, general-purpose Petri net simulator, written as a set of MATLAB M-files, that runs within the MATLAB environment. The example problems also run on Octave, a shareware... more
Discrete event (I.6.8...) | Mar 25 19

New solutions for cybersecurity

There is a growing recognition that “humans are now [deeply] embedded in three interconnected systems”--social, environmental, and cyber--and the sustainable development of this planet “rest[s] not only on the sustainability of the social and the natural... more
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Mar 22 19

The digital and the real world

The digital and the real world is a quite unique text that goes beyond the common clichés of describing digitalization as a global phenomenon. Instead, the book investigates the complex relationships between continuous physical reality and digital representations from a... more
General (F.0) | Mar 22 19

Network function virtualization

The exponential growth of cellular network data, which grows at a pace of 60 percent per year and is expected to increase even more due to the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) networks, poses some unprecedented challenges to the design of data networks. To... more
General (C.2.0) | Mar 21 19

Introduction to recursive programming

Self-directed action can challenge the notion of action and defy understanding. It can trap one in a disorienting hall of mirrors or in a contorted posture. Recursion, which employs a function that calls itself, is an example. It is as conceptually elegant as it is subtle and... more
Recursion (D.3.3...) | Mar 20 19

Absolute FreeBSD (3rd ed.)

There are more than 700 pages in this book, and the author suggests that it should be read in entirety, from front to back! Most readers will be happy to skip the introductory text and jump straight to chapter 2, “Before You Install,” where they can learn what sort of... more
Unix (D.4.0...) | Mar 15 19

Social interactions in virtual worlds

As the title implies, this book is a compilation of studies on how virtual worlds may have applications to the real world. The editors claim that readers will find data on how individuals and pairs behave within a game; what patterns of behavior exist within groups; how... more
Artificial, Aug. & Virt. Realities (H.5.1...) | Mar 15 19

Beginning robotics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

The language used in this book is very close to beginner level. It includes many examples, with code, images, and details of the materials needed to assemble the presented robot. The book’s ten chapters cover five key aspects related to low-cost robots: the robot... more
Microprocessors & computers (B.7.1...) | Mar 14 19

Deep learning for computer vision with Python

Internet resources for learning artificial intelligence (AI), especially regarding the subtopic of machine learning (ML), are expanding rapidly. Two resources, presented as online books, are the subject of this review... more
Computer Vision (I.5.4...) | Mar 12 19

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