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December 11, 2017

The Turing guide
According to a famous dictum, history is written by the victors. Alan Turing has most recently been an icon for the gay community. Rights for homosexual behavior have now been vindicated, and Turing’s mistreatment serves as a rallying point. But there are other victors. The Anglo-American alliance that beat the Nazis is proud... more
Video games make up an important part of the software industry, yet the software engineering community rarely studies video games. This imbalance is a problem... more
- E. Murphy-Hill, T. Zimmermann & N. Nagappan (2014)
Decentralised peer-to-peer data dissemination in wireless sensor networks: Pervasive and Mobile Computing

Can edge sensor data reliably route through unreliable networks using a unique decentralized routing framework? New research describes how using a framework of peer-to-peer (P2P) wireless sensor... more

Peer-to-Peer Computing (C.2.1...) | Dec 8 17

MixedTrails: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

This well-written paper includes adequate definitions to enable a layperson to understand the principles (generative processes of heterogeneous sequence data of human movement in a city) examined in its simulated... more

Markov Processes (G.3...) | Dec 7 17

Improving loop dependence analysis: ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization

Research on multicore utilization embraces three major categories of topics: investigations regarding the issues of multicore interaction functionality, operating system affairs and compilers, and programming... more

SIMD Processors (C.1.2...) | Dec 7 17

The science of brute force: Communications of the ACM

This paper’s main contribution is a nice introduction of the Boolean satisfiability (SAT) problem to the general public. The basic idea is that the brute force approach of SAT to problem solving, called brute reasoning, is relevant. Despite the untamed aspect of brute... more

Software/Program Verification (D.2.4) | Dec 6 17

Incremental bounded model checking for embedded software: Formal Aspects of Computing

Bounded model checking is employed in tools for the formal verification of C programs such as the C bounded model checker (CBMC). The key idea of this technique is to unwind unbounded program loops to a... more

Model Checking (D.2.4...) | Dec 4 17

Traleika Glacier: Parallel Computing

Exascale computers require new technologies in both hardware and software because of the increased gap between various memory structures and computational units and the decreased reliability of components due the sheer size of the machine and small scale of the individual... more

Processor Architectures (C.1) | Dec 4 17

Have you lost the thread? Discovering ongoing conversations in scattered dialog blocks: ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems

This interesting read addresses the problem of discovering conversations within dialog blocks. Parallel conversational threads occur in many scenarios... more

Learning (I.2.6) | Dec 4 17

Evolution or revolution: the critical need in genetic algorithm based testing: Artificial Intelligence Review

Software testing consumes a considerable amount of the cost and time of software development, but it is one of the most crucial phases; it cannot be skipped. Software testing is therefore referred to as “a necessary... more

Artificial Intelligence (I.2) | Dec 1 17

Gunrock: GPU graph analytics: ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing

Graphs are fundamental data structures for modeling social interactions, computer networks, and physical simulations. Graph analytic libraries provide optimized primitives and application programming... more

Graphics Processors (I.3.1...) | Nov 30 17

Lightweight cybersecurity schemes using elliptic curve cryptography in publish-subscribe fog computing: Mobile Networks and Applications

Diro et al. “propose novel lightweight security solutions for publish-subscribe protocol-based Internet of Things [IoT] in fog networks... more

Security & Protection (C.2.0...) | Nov 29 17

Non-volatile in-memory computing by spintronics

With quintillions of calculations per second, exascale computing is a challenge for the world of scientific discovery and for advancing economic competitiveness. In certain applications such as climate change and... more
Performance of Systems (C.4) | Dec 11 17

Introduction to data science

Data science is an emerging discipline spurred by the need to extract meaningful information and gain insights from large amounts of complex data. Data science encompasses many areas from mathematics, statistics, and information and computer sciences. This book contains a broad range of timely topics and... more
Mathematical Software (G.4) | Dec 6 17

Practical packet analysis (3rd ed.)

The study of the operation of network protocols, as well as the improvement of a network’s functionality and security, are the main aspects that network packet analysis considers. Known as both a software protocol analysis and a packet sniffer application... more
Network Monitoring (C.2.3...) | Dec 5 17

Natural complexity

Author Paul Charbonneau defines science as “a way of knowing.” Since the Renaissance, the natural sciences have had two main ways of knowing: empirical analysis of observational data from the real world, and theoretical arguments (in the most rigorous form... more
Model Development (I.6.5) | Dec 4 17

Five Design-Sheets

As a university professor who teaches video game design and interaction design courses, I am always looking for techniques and methodologies that support sketching and prototyping and foster students’ creative thinking. This book instantly caught my eye. It... more
User Interfaces (H.5.2) | Nov 30 17

Prediction and inference from social networks and social media

Traversing the social graph of social media networks has become the holy grail for basic research into the human condition. This book contains in-depth discussions of how social networks (SNs) enable interaction... more
Web-Based Interaction (H.5.3...) | Nov 30 17

Java 9 recipes: a problem-solution approach (3rd ed.)

The Java language has recently been extended and improved considerably with the updates to Java 9. This book covers the essential new features of the Java language. The book is divided into 22 chapters. In chapter 1, it shows how to start Java... more
Java (D.3.2...) | Nov 30 17

Aesthetics of universal knowledge

As its name reveals, this book purports to describe what these authors choose to refer to as “aesthetics” and what they call “universal knowledge.” A tiny group of European sophisticates claim the right to show all of us natives (90 percent of the world) what universal... more
Arts & Humanities (J.5) | Nov 30 17

Kubernetes management design patterns

According to the Kubernetes website [1], Kubernetes is “an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.” If this sounds somewhat abstract, Vohra’s book... more
System Management (K.6.4) | Nov 29 17

Multimedia forensics and security

Computer forensics is concerned with scientific techniques used in the investigation of crimes committed by means of computers and related paraphernalia. This book was published as part of Springer’s “Intelligent Systems Reference... more
Multimedia Information Systems (H.5.1) | Nov 29 17

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