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February 22, 2018

Deep learning for mobile multimedia
Deep learning architectures, tools, and algorithms are, in general, not adapted to the storage and computation resources of a mobile device. Thus, one needs better hardware for mobile devices and smaller footprints for learning and inference algorithms. This survey paper giving an overview of various technologies and... more
We speak of our belief in the positive aspects of computer use. Paramount among the problems facing humanity are the control of population... more
- Gotlieb & Borodin (1973)
Cloud adoption in Brazil: IT Professional

In this article, the authors’ research reveals that “several industries in Brazil use cloud computing technologies, and the government is considering it for information technology (IT) services.” The article provides an overview of cloud computing, a... more

Cloud Computing (C.2.4...) | Feb 22 18

Non-regular unary language and parallel communicating Watson-Crick automata systems: Theoretical Computer Science

Watson-Crick finite automata have been introduced as a possible model of DNA computation. They differ from their classical counterpart in that they are capable of working... more

Automata (F.1.1...) | Feb 22 18

Evaluation of an automated knowledge-based textual summarization system for longitudinal clinical data, in the intensive care domain: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

This paper examines the potential of the Clinitext system [1] for the production of clinical summaries. Clinitext is designed to be general and not specific to any clinical domain; details on Clinitext... more

Medical Information Systems (J.3...) | Feb 22 18

A hierarchical classifier based on human blood plasma fluorescence for non-invasive colorectal cancer screening: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Classification in artificial intelligence aims to separate data into categories using available variables. High dimensionality and inherent variability in... more

Medicine & Science (I.2.1...) | Feb 21 18

Federated IoT services leveraging 5G technologies at the edge: Ad Hoc Networks

The highly anticipated fifth generation of wireless mobile technology is called 5G. It promises to enable innovative services and applications that require huge performance increases... more

Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | Feb 21 18

Tape music archives: from preservation to access: International Journal on Digital Libraries

Magnetic tape doesn’t keep well. It was produced in a range of materials for use with a range of specific technologies. How best can we preserve magnetic tape recordings? This paper discusses a methodology... more

Music (J.5...) | Feb 21 18

Wikiometrics: a Wikipedia based ranking system: World Wide Web

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites. It is famous for showing crowd intelligence in many areas, including science, medicine, physics, and so on. People use Wikipedia to learn and extend their... more

World Wide Web (WWW) (H.3.4...) | Feb 21 18

Millimeter-wave wireless communications for IoT-cloud supported autonomous vehicles: overview, design, and challenges: IEEE Communications Magazine

The autonomous vehicle is being considered as the technology of the future. Many companies and researchers are working toward making this a... more

Autonomous Vehicles (I.2.9...) | Feb 20 18

Collaborative agile learning in online environments: Computers & Education

Perhaps online training will continue to survive the competition from traditional classrooms. What changes should online academic institutions make with regard to instruction in order to satisfy both students and industry?... more

Collaborative Learning (K.3.1...) | Feb 20 18

Plane formation by synchronous mobile robots in the three-dimensional Euclidean space: Journal of the ACM

This is an interesting and thorough investigation of the plane formation problem. This problem addresses how a large group of robots moving in 3D Euclidean... more

Robotics (I.2.9) | Feb 16 18

The illustrated network (2nd ed.)

Old network geeks surely remember the TCP/IP illustrated series of books [1,2,3], written by the late W. Richard Stevens at the end of the previous century, which served as a reference to many, as witnessed by hundreds of citations in ACM’s Digital Library [4]. One... more
Network Operations (C.2.3) | Feb 22 18

Emerging technology and architecture for big-data analytics

Readers will always warmly welcome a book on a hot topic in contemporary computer science, and big data is such a topic. As can be seen by looking at the book, the topic is also an important issue... more
General (B.7.0) | Feb 22 18

Invest like a guru: how to generate higher returns at reduced risk with value investing

Delivery of business-oriented software and its support has evolved radically over the last 30 years, from licensed mainframe packages with paid consultants, to time-shared program suites with telephone... more
Financial (J.1...) | Feb 22 18

Python for scientists (2nd ed.)

Consider the following tease lines that one might choose to begin a book review with: “When I first scanned the contents of this book, I was completely overwhelmed”; “The title of this book is somewhat deceptive”; “This book may well become a classic”; or, “If this... more
Python (D.3.2...) | Feb 22 18

Discrete probability models and methods

Due to advances in both theory and practice, there has been a recent explosion in courses on network science and data science. These demand a solid background in probabilistic methods. For example, Markov chains are used for node ranking in complex networks, and data compression is used for minimization of... more
Probabilistic Computation (F.1.2...) | Feb 21 18

Game theory: a classical introduction, mathematical games, and the tournament

A good definition of the word “game” in the context of game theory is provided in this book: A game is any situation involving more than one individual, each of which can make more than one action, such that... more
Numerical Algorithms & Problems (F.2.1) | Feb 21 18

From Internet of Things to smart cities

The proliferation of electronic smart devices, and the ability to gather the data they generate in conjunction with prompt processing and feedback, is already having great consequences in our daily lives. Applications in environmental monitoring, automated control... more
Real-Time & Embedded Systems (C.3...) | Feb 21 18

A practical approach to compiler construction

Several comprehensive books have been written about compiler construction. Any new book on this topic is inevitably going to be compared against those works. However, by taking a different approach, a new book can set itself apart. This is exactly what the... more
Compilers (D.3.4...) | Feb 16 18

Software failure investigation: a near-miss analysis approach

This book bothered me. There were profound positives and profound negatives that I discovered as I proceeded through the (very short, barely 100-meaty-page) book. First, the positives. There is a great need for this book. It attacks its title topic, software failure... more
Testing & Debugging (D.2.5) | Feb 15 18

Scientific programming and computer architecture

You can find books that teach you how to write efficient code in a specific language. The efficiency here comes from using good algorithms and making the best use of the language capability. You can also find books that discuss computer architecture and what... more
General (C.1.0) | Feb 14 18

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