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Browsing by Title

* Click Titles to browse by name of the source (for instance, journal, book, or conference) where the reviewed item was first published.

* The default Browse titles screen is set to view Journals. You can change the media type to Proceedings, Divisible Books, Whole Books, or Other by clicking the appropriate button at the top of screen.

* Click on a Letter to display the item titles that start with that letter. Click on All to display all items.

* To search for a publication by keyword, enter its name in the search box, set the pull-down menu to search either all reviews or reviews of items within the current browse category only, then click Search.

* Titles that match your search parameters are listed on the screen. Click on a title to see reviews of items from that publication.

* Use the Options at the top if you want to change the sorting criteria.

* For convenience, a new search box is displayed in the top right portion of every Results page. To use this search box, first set the pull-down menu to All Reviews or For Topics, enter a keyword or term to search, and then click the arrow to the right of the search box.

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