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By Reviewers

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This page lists articles, books and other items which the reviewers self-assigned. In the Options area (top of page), use the 3 pull-down menus to determine how these reviews are organized and displayed on the screen.

The first menu is set to default = All Media Types: you may choose another menu setting to limit the display to only one type of media such as Journals, Books, etc.

The second pull-down menu is set to sort the results by date reviewed: you can change this to sort the list by title, author, or date of publication.

The third menu allows you to display the sorted results in either descending or ascending order.

When you have finished modifying the Options menus, click the right-hand arrow to execute the new search parameters. If desired, you can change the setting of the Display pull-down menu (bottom of page) to change the number of reviews displayed per page.

Multiple Reviews

Click Multiple Reviews on the third level menu to display items which have been reviewed by two or more reviewers. It is sorted by number of reviews, in descending order. Use the Options pull-down menus to modify the way reviews are displayed on the screen, as described above.

From the review page, use the Also Reviewed By pull-down menu to see other reviews of the same item.

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