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Use the <in> operator with field codes (listed below) to look for one or more terms appearing only in certain parts of the review (rather than anywhere in the review as is the case with Simple Search). The <in> operator works like this:

[term]<in>[field code] - or - [term]=[fieldcode]

Multiple search terms-plus-field codes must be separated by a Boolean or a proximity operator. For example:

[term1]<in>[field code1] AND [term2]<in>[field code2]
- or -
[term1]=[fieldcode1] OR [term2]=[fieldcode2] OR [term3]=[fieldcode3].

Following is a list of field codes used in Computing Reviews:

* AU
Searches Author first names and last names.
Examples: Smith<in>au - or - Smith=au

* BT
Searches Book titles specifically.
Examples: Oracle SQL<in>bt - or - Oracle SQL=bt

* CD
Searches Conference Dates specifically.
Examples: 6/20/2001<in>cd - or - 6/20/2001=cd

* CL
Searches Conference Locations specifically.
Examples: Las Vegas<in>cl - or - Las Vegas=cl

* CO
Searches CCS Codes specifically.
Examples: A.1<in>co - or - A.1=co

* CT
Searches Conference Titles specifically.
Examples: Networld Interop<in>ct - or - Networld Interop=ct

* GT
Searches General Terms specifically.
Examples: Algorithms<in>gt - or - Algorithms=gt

* IB
Searches ISBN Numbers specifically.
Examples: 0139377158<in>ib - or - 0139377158=ib

* IS
Searches ISSN Numbers specifically.
Examples: 08857458<in>is - or - 08857458=is

* JN
Searches Journal titles specifically.
Examples: ACM Computing Surveys<in>jn - or - ACM Computing Surveys=jn

* MT
Searches Media Types specifically.
Examples: Article<in>mt - or - Article=mt

* NO
Searches Issue Numbers of a Journal.
Examples: 5<in>no - or - 5=no

* PD
Searches Publication Dates specifically.
Examples: 6/20/2001<in>pd - or - 6/20/2001=pd

* PG
Searches Issue Pages of a Journal.
Examples: 25<in>pg - or - 25=pg

* PU
Searches Publisher names specifically.
Examples: Knopf<in>pu - or - Knopt=pu

* PY
Searches Publication Years specifically.
Examples: 1998<in>py - or - 1998=py

* RD
Searches Reviewed Dates specifically.
Examples: 6/20/2001<in>rd - or - 6/20/2001=rd

* RV
Searches Reviewer first names and last names.
Examples: Podolsky<in>rv - or - Podolsky=rv

* RY
Searches Reviewed Years specifically.
Examples: 1998<in>ry - or - 1998=ry

* SP
Searches Conference Sponsors specifically.
Examples: Compaq<in>sp - or - Compaq=sp

* TI
Searches Article titles specifically.
Examples: UML in a Nutshell<in>ti - or - UML in a Nutshell=ti

* TR
Searches CCS Terms specifically.
Examples: Hardware<in>tr - or - Hardware=tr

* VO
Searches Issue Volumes of a Journal.
Examples: 2<in>vo - or - 2=vo

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