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Simple Search

1. In the Query box, enter search term(s).

Tip: two or more terms are searched as an exact phrase unless separated by AND, OR, or NOT. (For more information see the help section OPERATORS.) Leave a single space between each term you type into the Query box.

2. Set the pull-down menus in the Search Options area to refine your search and to modify the display of search results. You may choose to:

* Display results with either no review or a partial review with each citation.

* Search for reviews of items published only in a specific media type.

* Search for reviews of items published within a certain date range.

* Display 10, 20, or 30 citations per results page, sorted in either descending or ascending order.

3. Click the SEARCH button to begin your search.

4. Use the Options pull-down menus at top of the Search Results page if you want to change the sorting order (ascending or descending) or sorting criteria (for instance, by title, author name, and so on), or if you want to change the media type searched.

5. At bottom of the page, use the hyperlinked page numbers to jump to different areas of the Search Results, or use the Display pull-down menu to change the number of reviews listed per page.

6. Click the SAVE THIS SEARCH button at the top of the page to add this search to your saved search alert profile.

7. Click the SEARCH DETAILS button to see your original search strategy

8. For convenience, a new Search field displaying your query appears in the top right portion of every Results page: use it if you want to quickly search another term or modify the last query. For example, you can quickly narrow your search by adding a second search term and combining both terms with a Boolean AND.

Tip: If your search produces few results or no results at all, you might try broadening the search to scan All Media Types, or search a wider range of publication dates. You can also use it to enter fewer terms (or different terms) in the Query field.

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