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Fielded Search

Fielded Search offers a simple way to assign search terms to specific fields (areas on the review page), offering you an alternative to Advanced Search. No field codes or operators are needed in Fielded Search.

1. In the top Query field, enter search term(s).

2. Use the pull-down menu to the left of each Query field to select the field (specific part of a review) you want searched for this term.

3. Repeat this step, entering your second term in the second Query field and setting the field with the second pull-down menu.

4. Use the pull-down menu to the right of the Query field to specify the Boolean operator you want connecting the first two terms.

5. Repeat these steps using the remaining search terms. Click Add Another Field if additional Query fields are needed.

6. Set the pull-down menus under Search Options to refine your search as described in Simple Search, then click the SEARCH button. Search Results are managed as described in Simple Search.

7. Click the SAVE THIS SEARCH button to add this search to your saved search alert profile.

8. Click the SEARCH DETAIL button to see your original search strategy.

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