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  A framework for reliability-aware embedded system design on multiprocessor platforms
Huang J., Barner S., Raabe A., Buckl C., Knoll A.  Microprocessors & Microsystems 38(6): 539-551, 2014. Type: Article

The work presented in this paper is built upon the work of the authors in recent years, covering the reliability-aware design and implementation of multiprocessor platforms. The authors introduce a framework performing a model-driven design flow f...

Nov 7 2014
  Development and validation of a numerical topology optimization scheme for two and three dimensional structures
Taggart D., Dewhurst P.  Advances in Engineering Software 41(7-8): 910-915, 2010. Type: Article

Truss structures are an important element of engineering constructions. It is a main goal of engineers to make such constructions as lightweight as possible, subject to the condition that they be able to sustain a prescribed load....

Jan 27 2011
  Efficient memory management for hardware accelerated Java Virtual Machines
Bertels P., Heirman W., D’Hollander E., Stroobandt D.  ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems 14(4): 1-18, 2009. Type: Article

Bertels et al. study the problem of memory allocation in an environment that includes both a general processor and an attached hardware accelerator. In the model studied, memory is shared between the two processors, with all memory accessible to e...

Nov 11 2009
  Metamorphic Programming: Unconventional High
Maurer P.  Computer 37(3): 30-38, 2004. Type: Article

This paper presents a nonconventional technique for optimizing the performance of certain classes of programs. The technique, in brief, is to alter objects’ behavior by changing function pointers (typically, in the vtable) rather than by set...

Jan 7 2005
  Linear network optimization
Bertsekas D.,  MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1991.Type: Book (9780262023344)

Finding the best assignment of people to tasks or designing a highway system or communications network for maximum throughput are examples of the kind of problem that this textbook examines--the general network optimization problem with linea...

Aug 1 1992
  Optimized Synthesis of Concurrently Checked Controllers
Leveugle R., Saucier G.  IEEE Transactions on Computers 39(4): 419-425, 1990. Type: Article

The method for obtaining the signatures of sequences of state codes derived by polynomial division by a given polynomial proposed in this paper ensures identical signatures before each join node of a control flow graph. A set of examples has been ...

Aug 1 1991
  Automated performance optimization of custom integrated circuits
Trimberger S.,  University Microfilms Int’l. (UMI), Ann Arbor, MI, 1986.Type: Book (9789780835717472)

This book describes a tool called ANDY used in conjunction with VLSI tools in use at California Institute of Technology. The author studies the power delay tradeoffs for NMOS circuits. The problem is well defined, and the book deals with a very sp...

Jan 1 1988
  An algorithm for local compaction of horizontal microprograms
Rao S., Majumdar A.  Information Processing Letters 20(1): 29-33, 1985. Type: Article

This paper presents another heuristic for local microcode compaction (see [1] for background). The authors’ heuristic is a slight modification of Wood’s weighting heuristic [2], which attempts to compact microoperations with more desce...

Sep 1 1985
  Integer linear programming for microprograms register allocation
Luque E., Ripoll A.  Information Processing Letters 19(2): 81-85, 1984. Type: Article

The high cost of main memory access makes the register allocation problem especially important in microprogramming. This paper presents a technique for reducing microprogram run time by inserting main memory loads and stores based on an analysis ...

Mar 1 1985
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