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  Detection and resolution of rumours in social media: A Survey
Zubiaga A., Aker A., Bontcheva K., Liakata M., Procter R. ACM Computing Surveys 51(2): 1-36, 2018.  Type: Article

Unverified information can spread on the web and influence public opinion before it is eventually verified as true or false. Such rumors eventually evolve during reiterated transmission, and often accompany fake news. The use of social...

Mar 30 2022
  Social Media Data Processing Infrastructure by Using Apache Spark Big Data Platform: Twitter Data Analysis
Podhoranyi M., Podhoranyi M., Vojacek L., Vojacek L.  Proceedings of the 2019 4th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (Proceedings of the 2019 4th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Internet of Things, Tokyo, Japan, Sep 20-22, 2019) 1-6, 2019.  Type: Proceedings

What would we do without social media? What would the world look like if there weren’t continuous data streams? If we refer back to our history, the first big breakthrough was around 1440, when Johannes Gutenberg started his ...

Mar 17 2021
  Detecting fake news on social media
Shu K., Liu H., Morgan&Claypool Publishers, San Rafael, CA, 2019. 130 pp.  Type: Book (978-1-681735-82-5)

The authors have written an interesting book that summarizes problems related to detecting fake news....

Mar 3 2020
  Epistemology in the era of fake news: an exploration of information verification behaviors among social networking site users
Torres R., Gerhart N., Negahban A. ACM SIGMIS Database 49(3): 78-97, 2018.  Type: Article

Factors that influence social networking site users when it comes to verifying information include perceptions about the network’s composition, perceptions about the authors of the information, and the user’s intent...

Mar 2 2020
  Responding to sensitive disclosures on social media: a decision-making framework
Andalibi N., Forte A. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 25(6): 1-29, 2018.  Type: Article

What is it about disclosing personal information online through social media sites, especially when sensitive information is delicate not only for the discloser but for responders, too? Disclosing personal information is always a risky...

Mar 26 2019
  Understanding cross-site linking in online social networks
Gong Q., Chen Y., Hu J., Cao Q., Hui P., Wang X. ACM Transactions on the Web 12(4): 1-29, 2018.  Type: Article

This paper is a data-driven analysis of cross-site linking in online social networks, including Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter. It describes the user behavior behind cross-site linking and why users do cross-site linking. It is one ...

Mar 22 2019
  Learning multiple factors-aware diffusion models in social networks
Chou C., Chen M. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 30(7): 1268-1281, 2018.  Type: Article

Predicting information diffusion in social networks is a theoretical and practical concern, especially in the context of identifying and thwarting barely licit attempts to influence individuals’ political and purchasing decis...

Nov 6 2018
  Context-aware trust network extraction in large-scale trust-oriented social networks
Liu G., Liu Y., Liu A., Li Z., Zheng K., Wang Y., Zhou X. World Wide Web 21(3): 713-738, 2018.  Type: Article

The power of social media is often taken for granted. We know that it has been used to advertise, to politicize, to inform, and to educate. But at times such information seems to be targeted at a particular audience, so that one gets t...

Oct 1 2018
  Change-aware community detection approach for dynamic social networks
Samie M., Hamzeh A. Applied Intelligence 48(1): 78-96, 2018.  Type: Article

On a walk in the hills above our house the other day, I watched two flocks of birds merge, fly around as one flock for a few minutes, and then separate into two again. While I assume that the merging and unmerging started and ended wit...

Jun 13 2018
  Detecting cooperative and organized spammer groups in micro-blogging community
Dang Q., Zhou Y., Gao F., Sun Q. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 31(3): 573-605, 2017.  Type: Article

Public relations (PR) companies hire and pay cooperative and organized spammer groups to post specific content on online microblogging sites, such as Twitter, to influence public opinion or trending topics (topic hijacking). Detecting ...

Jan 4 2018
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