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  Wireless sensor networks: security, coverage, and localization
Selmic R., Phoha V., Serwadda A.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2016. 215 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319467-67-2)

With the emerging fields of Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable technologies, sensor networks have become an important concept. They have applications in many different domains, including healthcare, military, and home automation. The book is a ...

Aug 2 2017
  Supervisory routing control for dynamic load balancing in low data rate wireless sensor networks
Kamal A., Hamid M.  Wireless Networks 23(4): 1085-1099, 2017. Type: Article

Penetration of wireless sensor networking (WSN) technology in different aspects of human life has made its problems more salient than ever. Routing is one of the important problems in WSN, and different algorithms have been devised to promote its ...

Jun 16 2017
  Private data analytics on biomedical sensing data via distributed computation
Gong Y., Fang Y., Guo Y.  IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 13(3): 431-444, 2016. Type: Article

Predictive model training systems actually lack positive samples such as biomedical data from healthy people due to data privacy preservation issues that mHealth users face. This paper therefore presents a novel approach that preserves data privac...

Jun 2 2017
  A maximum flow algorithm based on storage time aggregated graph for delay-tolerant networks
Li H., Zhang T., Zhang Y., Wang K., Li J.  Ad Hoc Networks 59(C): 63-70, 2017. Type: Article

Searching for maximum flow in a network based on graph theory is essential in planning the route and scheduling transmission. Therefore, it is natural to study the maximum flow on various types of networks. While traditional maximum flow algorithm...

May 26 2017
  Fundamentals of fibre optics in telecommunication and sensor systems (2nd ed.)
Pal B.,  NEW AGE INTERNATIONAL LTD., New Delhi, India, 2015.Type: Book (978-8-122436-62-4)

This collective 620-page volume brings together many of the fundamental constituents of fiber optical communications and sensing, together with specifics in a range of applications. It turns out that this is the 2015 second edition of the book (th...

Mar 31 2017
  Passive Wi-Fi: bringing low power to Wi-Fi transmissions
Kellogg B., Talla V., Gollakota S., Smith J.  NSDI 2016 (Proceedings of the 13th Usenix Conference on Networked Systems Design and Implementation, Santa Clara, CA,  Mar 16-18, 2016) 151-164, 2016. Type: Proceedings

Low-power Wi-Fi fills a definite need in the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, and this paper’s ideas advance its evolution. While consumer IoT is built atop “large” devices (Linux/Android/iOS with 4-plus GB of RAM) with b...

Mar 31 2017
  Location-based address configuration for 6LoWPAN wireless sensor networks
Wang X., Le D., Cheng H., Yao Y.  Wireless Networks 21(6): 2019-2033, 2015. Type: Article

Connecting wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to the Internet is a very interesting topic. As useful as WSNs are, they used to be constrained in a separate compartment of the network. The collected data needs to be hauled in by a base station that cr...

Nov 22 2016
  Self-healing wireless sensor networks
Miyaji A., Omote K.  Concurrency and Computation: Practice & Experience 27(10): 2547-2568, 2015. Type: Article

Miyaji and Omote, in this paper, explore the security of encrypted self-healing features for three different wireless sensor network (WSN) schemes designed to be deployed in hostile environments. In such an environment, one imagines the reverse en...

Oct 4 2016
  Soft computing-based localizations in wireless sensor networks
So-In C., Permpol S., Rujirakul K.  Pervasive and Mobile Computing 29(C): 17-37, 2016. Type: Article

The world is transitioning to the 5G era. 5G involves more than simply upgrading to “better” radios in the network. The Internet of Things (IoT) is part of the biggest plans 5G has for us. The IoT is to have various devices connected s...

Oct 3 2016
  A survey on mobile social signal processing
Palaghias N., Hoseinitabatabaei S., Nati M., Gluhak A., Moessner K.  ACM Computing Surveys 48(4): 1-52, 2016. Type: Article

If you want to learn about mobile social signal processing (SSP), a field with the aim of detecting social behavior automatically and in a nonintrusive manner by exploiting the data provided by the multiple sensors embedded in mobile devices, this...

Jul 20 2016
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