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  Salient object detection: a discriminative regional feature integration approach
Wang J., Jiang H., Yuan Z., Cheng M., Hu X., Zheng N.  International Journal of Computer Vision 123(2): 251-268, 2017. Type: Article

Visual saliency refers to the distinct subjective perceptual quality that allows a particular object in a scene to stand out from the background and from other neighboring objects to grab our attention. It is a fundamental problem in several field...

Nov 1 2017
  Presentation attack detection methods for face recognition systems: a comprehensive survey
Ramachandra R., Busch C.  ACM Computing Surveys 50(1): 1-37, 2017. Type: Article

This paper deals in general with biometric technology and specifically with facial recognition. In this offering, the authors present an exhaustive review of all pioneering efforts on facial presentation attack detection (PAD) algorithms. Accordin...

May 30 2017
  A dimensionality reduction method based on structured sparse representation for face recognition
Gu G., Hou Z., Chen C., Zhao Y.  Artificial Intelligence Review 46(4): 431-443, 2016. Type: Article

Face recognition (FR) is considered to be a typical machine learning problem. Among all FR algorithms, popular models include classical linear models such as eigen face, nonlinear models such as manifold learning, and sparse representation-based c...

Jan 23 2017
  Novelty detection in data streams
Faria E., Gonçalves I., de Carvalho A., Gama J.  Artificial Intelligence Review 45(2): 235-269, 2016. Type: Article

Novelty detection, an important topic in machine learning, is the ability of a classification system to differentiate between known and unknown objects in a pattern. Novelty detection has many real-world applications, like in signal processing, pa...

Oct 12 2016
  A comprehensive performance evaluation of 3D local feature descriptors
Guo Y., Bennamoun M., Sohel F., Lu M., Wan J., Kwok N.  International Journal of Computer Vision 116(1): 66-89, 2016. Type: Article

For those that are working with 3D point clouds (for example, 3D keypoint detection, 3D local feature descriptors, 3D object recognition/classification/retrieval, 3D scene modeling and reconstruction, and 3D data registration, among many other pos...

Apr 27 2016
  Reading the legends of Roman Republican coins
Kavelar A., Zambanini S., Kampel M.  Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage 7(1): 1-20, 2014. Type: Article

If you Google “Republican Roman coins” you will be faced with thousands of fascinating images. There are three identifying features on most of them. Most show a head or object. Most have a mark identifying the mint. Most have a word kn...

Sep 14 2015
  Face detection and recognition on mobile devices
Liu H.,  Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., Waltham, MA, 2015. 44 pp. Type: Book (978-0-124170-45-2)

Mobile devices have unique opportunities to interact with their environment; one key capability in this regard is the detection and recognition of human faces. Uses ranging from security to entertainment can be supported by determining when a pers...

Aug 4 2015
  Classification and boosting with multiple collaborative representations
Chi Y., Porikli F.  IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 36(8): 1519-1531, 2014. Type: Article

The multiclass classification problem is decomposed into two parts in this paper. The first step is to find a collaborative representation. The idea here is that a collaborative representation sees an example as a mixture of samples from a diction...

Apr 7 2015
  Learning semantic representations of objects and their parts
Mesnil G., Bordes A., Weston J., Chechik G., Bengio Y.  Machine Learning 94(2): 281-301, 2014. Type: Article

Digital images are everywhere. To make those images searchable, we laboriously annotate them with a list of contents. Ideally, we want a program that does the annotation for us, but this is still an unsolved problem in image analysis. This paper c...

Jul 3 2014
  Background subtraction based on phase feature and distance transform
Xue G., Sun J., Song L.  Pattern Recognition Letters 33(12): 1601-1613, 2012. Type: Article

Xue et al. present a new background subtraction algorithm for images with various degrees of complexity in this detailed paper. The high-level algorithm is presented in figure 7. At its core is a new phase-based model created for background repres...

Jun 7 2013
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