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  Practical Python design patterns: Pythonic solutions to common problems
Badenhorst W., Apress, New York, NY, 2017. 350 pp.  Type: Book (978-1-484226-79-7)

Python programmers (as well as programmers in other languages) use patterns all the time. For example, the Python statement “for character in string” is a pattern for traversing a string. One of the strengths of Pyt...

Apr 12 2018
  Cyberpatterns: unifying design patterns with security and attack patterns
Blackwell C., Zhu H., Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated, New York, NY, 2014. 264 pp.  Type: Book (978-3-319044-46-0)

This is a collection of academic papers. It falls toward the theory end of the theory-practice spectrum. Blackwell and Zhu are major contributors to the work as well as being joint editors. The papers, as a collection, provide a framew...

Sep 11 2014
  MapReduce design patterns: building effective algorithms and analytics for Hadoop and other systems
Miner D., Shook A., O’Reilly Media, Inc., Sebastopol, CA, 2013. 230 pp.  Type: Book (978-1-449327-17-0)

Design patterns for complex software tasks are generic, reusable code templates for common solution components. Such patterns have been developed and published for modern programming languages like Java, and have aided in creating soft...

Aug 22 2014
  Open pattern matching for C++
Solodkyy Y., Dos Reis G., Stroustrup B.  GPCE 2013 (Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Generative Programming: Concepts & Experiences, Indianapolis, IN, Oct 27-28, 2013) 33-42, 2013.  Type: Proceedings

Pattern matching is a powerful technique for mining large code sources to extract complex data patterns. Although the technique itself is well known and implemented in many programming languages and applications, the authors of this pa...

Jan 29 2014
  Java design patterns: a tutorial
Cooper J., Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Co., Inc., Boston, MA, 2000. 329 pp.  Type: Book (9780201485394)

Being an expert programmer requires the ability to discover and apply patterns. Design patterns are strategies that provide reusable solutions for recurring problems. Patterns are useful for improving the extensibility and flexibility ...

Mar 1 2000
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