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  X3ML mapping framework for information integration in cultural heritage and beyond
Marketakis Y., Minadakis N., Kondylakis H., Konsolaki K., Samaritakis G., Theodoridou M., Flouris G., Doerr M.  International Journal on Digital Libraries 18(4): 301-319, 2017. Type: Article

A fascinating aspect of computer science is its variety of application domains. Sometimes the solution to a problem involving one application domain can be extended to a wide variety of domains. (A good example is the C programming language, inten...

Jan 10 2018
  Big data 2.0 processing systems: taxonomy and open challenges
Bajaber F., Elshawi R., Batarfi O., Altalhi A., Barnawi A., Sakr S.  Journal of Grid Computing 14(3): 379-405, 2016. Type: Article

The digital universe is growing in size rapidly and will reach 40 zettabytes in 2020. There are many reasons for this growth, including the Internet of Things (IoT), and new users buying smartphones, tablets, and personal computers (PCs). This hug...

Nov 11 2016
  Quality models for web services: a systematic mapping
Oriol M., Marco J., Franch X.  Information and Software Technology 56(10): 1167-1182, 2014. Type: Article

In this paper, the authors perform a mapping between the state of the art and current research trends in quality models for web services and the industry-standard ISO 25010, aiming to provide a good reference for researchers and new practitioners ...

Apr 16 2015
  Open data framework for sustainable assessment in software forges
Traverso-Ribón I., Ruíz-Rube I., Dodero J., Palomo-Duarte M.  WIMS 2013 (Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics, Madrid, Spain,  Jun 12-14, 2013) 1-8, 2013. Type: Proceedings

As educational organizations move toward online delivery, the burden on educators to assess and grade student work is complicated by many factors not associated with a regular classroom. While it is critical to establish the authenticity of online...

Jul 12 2013
  A blended workflow approach
Silva A.  BPM 2011 (Proc. of 9th International Conference on Business Process Management, Clermont-Ferrand, France,  Aug 28-Sep 2, 2011) 25-36, 2012. Type: Proceedings

Adding flexibility to the rigid structure of activity-based workflow specifications while maintaining their positive aspects certainly is one of the holy grails of current research, and this paper offers one of the few truly integrated and novel c...

Jan 31 2013
  Achieving interoperability among healthcare standards: building semantic mappings at models level
Khan W., Khattak A., Lee S., Hussain M., Amin B., Latif K.  ICUIMC 2012 (Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  Feb 20-22, 2012) 1-9, 2012. Type: Proceedings

Translating electronic health records (EHRs) into ontologies and then into other forms of electronic information is a challenging task. This paper focuses on the transformation of openEHR and Health Level Seven (HL7) standards. This process is mai...

Dec 14 2012
  Design of a GPS data logger device with street-level map interface
Ibrahim D.  Advances in Engineering Software 41(6): 859-864, 2010. Type: Article

Although many navigation applications are available on almost every mobile platform, they do not usually allow the user to understand how they work. This paper is an excellent opportunity to learn the principles on which these applications are bas...

Oct 26 2010
  Enterprise application integration using .NET
Clark B.,  Addison-Wesley Professional, 2004. 504 pp. Type: Book (9780321202956)

Clark introduces a framework for the .NET platform that provides several basic building blocks for creating enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions, that is, solutions whose sole purpose is to allow systems that were designed separately...

Oct 10 2006
  XML mapping technology: making connections in an XML-centric world
Roth M., Hernandez M., Coulthard P., Yan L., Popa L., Ho H., Salter C.  IBM Systems Journal 45(2): 389-409, 2006. Type: Article

Providing an Extensible Markup Language (XML) mapping framework to bridge the gap between heterogeneous sources of data is a challenging problem. The authors of this paper provide clear and motivating examples to show the complexity of XML mapping...

Oct 5 2006
  Automatically utilizing secondary sources to align information across sources
Michalowski M., Thakkar S., Knoblock C.  AI Magazine 26(1): 33-44, 2005. Type: Article

The adoption of Internet-based business transaction models has significantly influenced the development of better integration solutions, which put together different data management systems (like databases, content management systems, and enterpri...

Jan 24 2006
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