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  Should robots have rights or rites?
Kim T., Strudler A. Communications of the ACM 66(6): 78-85, 2023.  Type: Article

Imagining a future where robots routinely interact with people has raised debate about whether robots deserve special treatment, and eventually rights. Instead of discussing the legal status of robots, the authors propose a view rooted in Confucia...

Aug 18 2023
  Technology’s child: digital media’s role in the ages and stages of growing up
Davis K., MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2023. 256 pp.  Type: Book (0262046962)

The title of this interesting work presents the author’s basic idea: to bring readers closer to understanding the digital media environment’s impact on our lives, from the early days to full maturity. It is amazing how easy this book i...

Jul 21 2023
  Applying the metaverse
Kirkpatrick K. Communications of the ACM 65(11): 16-18, 2022.  Type: Article

The introductory article “Applying the metaverse” provides a brief summary of the state of the art, giving some references that, if insufficient, are useful. As mentioned in the article, James Kaplan, cofounder and chief executive offi...

Jul 13 2023
   Prophets of computing: visions of society transformed by computing
van Lente D., ACM Books, New York, NY, 2022. 556 pp.  Type: Book (1450398154)

The dramatic rise of digital computers in the second half of the 20th century did not just happen. This profound change was driven by governments and a number of inspired individuals, with levels of success varying across different countries and c...

Jul 4 2023
  Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the fight against world hunger
Kugler L. Communications of the ACM 65(2): 17-19, 2022.  Type: Article

In this provocative article, Kugler offers an in-depth examination of the tremendous impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in solving one of humanity’s most important problems: world hunger. This study explores how thes...

Jun 26 2023
  The many facets of data equity
Jagadish H., Stoyanovich J., Howe B. Journal of Data and Information Quality 14(4): 1-21, 2022.  Type: Article

Jagadish et al. take a complex topic and break it down into easily digested portions, digging into each in such a way that gives readers a solid overview. They take a strong perspective: we as computer scientists (and I’m including anyone wo...

Jun 20 2023
   Beyond data: reclaiming human rights at the dawn of the metaverse
Renieris E., MIT Press, Cambridge,MA, 2023. 240 pp.  Type: Book (9780262047821)

This book is a short, focused essay on data security and privacy. The author makes it clear that these are two separate matters that are often in conflict both in practice and in law. Each of the book’s three major sections emphasizes a diff...

May 11 2023
  Identifying informative tweets during a pandemic via a topic-aware neural language model
Gao W., Li L., Tao X., Zhou J., Tao J. World Wide Web 2655-70, 2023.  Type: Article

Years ago, when Twitter was a new social media tool, I reviewed an article for Computing Reviews that looked at how tweets can be used in emergency situations. This new paper follows along similar lines: Twitter can be used to help with spe...

Apr 28 2023
   Synthetic friends: a philosophy of human-machine friendship
Kempt H., Palgrave Macmillan, New York, NY, 2022. 220 pp.  Type: Book (3031136306)

The relationships between human beings and robots have been a significant part of science fiction since Isaac Asimov’s robot stories and novels, starting in 1950, and movies and television shows like Forbidden Planet, Blade Runner<...

Apr 13 2023
   A hacker’s mind: how the powerful bend society’s rules, and how to bend them back
Schneier B., W. W. Norton, New York, NY, 2023. 304 pp.  Type: Book (0393866661)

By thinking like a hacker, that is, understanding why and how complex systems can fail by finding and taking unfair advantage of imperfections, we might be able to minimize or eliminate unwanted and potentially catastrophic misuse. Common examples...

Mar 29 2023
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