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  Perspectives on defense systems analysis: the what, the why, and the who, but mostly the how of broad defense systems analysis
Delaney W., The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2015. 288 pp.  Type: Book (978-0-262029-35-3)

This book describes the evolution and history of the processes of systems analysis for defense systems, and in this I am somewhat disagreeing with the book’s subtitle. “The how,” if it can be called such, ...

May 23 2016
  Homeland Security
Yen J., Popp R., Cybenko G., Taipale K., Sweeney L., Rosenzweig P. IEEE Intelligent Systems & Their Applications 20(5): 76-86, 2005.  Type: Article

Ever since September 11, 2001, homeland security has become a major concern worldwide. Today’s security environment is much different from the past and far more complicated and dynamic. Terrorists are intermingled with and al...

Mar 15 2006
  A multicriteria handoff decision scheme for the next generation tactical communications systems
Onel T., Ersoy C., Cayirci E., Parr G. Computer Networks 46(5): 695-708, 2004.  Type: Article

Cellular communications systems that are integrated into mobile battle units present more complex handoff problems than traditional cellular systems, because the access points are moving along with the users. The authors present a new ...

Mar 21 2005
  Inventing accuracy
MacKenzie D., MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1990.  Type: Book (9780262132589)

MacKenzie has taken on two tasks: a history of missile guidance and a demonstration that technological change does not have an inevitable track. He describes this book as historical sociology: historical because it follows the dominant...

Sep 1 1991
  Computing, research, and war: if knowledge is power, where is responsibility?
Beusmans J., Wieckert K. Communications of the ACM 32(9): 939-951, 1989.  Type: Article

The title of this paper is misleading: it implies that the paper is about the social responsibilities of those who possess technical knowledge about computers and are involved in war research. The paper does not address this issue. Ins...

Jun 1 1990
  Computers in battle: will they work?
Bellin D. (ed), Chapman G. (ed), Harcourt Brace &’ Co., Orlando, FL, 1987.  Type: Book (9780151212323)

The book consists of eleven chapters about past, present, and future uses of computers in the electronic battlefield. The chapters and their authors are...

Sep 1 1988
  Dataprocessing hardware for spacecraft: Air Force Standard 1750A ISA is the new trend
Byington L., Theis D. Computer 19(11): 50-59, 1986.  Type: Article

The Air Force plans to use a standard instruction set architecture, designated 1750A, for all of its embedded computers. This paper describes the potential usefulness of the 1750A standard for spacecraft avionics, the characteristics o...

Sep 1 1987
  Can software for the Strategic Defense Initiative ever be error-free?
Myers W. (ed) Computer 19(11): 61-67, 1986.  Type: Article

This paper presents one facet of the SDI software debate--the problem of residual errors and the associated dilemma that “we can’t fix it after it fails for the first time.” The quotation is from ...

Aug 1 1987
  The Department of Defense software initiative--a status report
Lieblein E. Communications of the ACM 29(9): 734-744, 1986.  Type: Article

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) spends approximately ten billion dollars annually on software costs for major defense systems. The cost is expected to increase yearly, along with schedule slips and performance problems wi...

Jul 1 1987
  U.S. military communications: a C3I force multiplier
Ricci F., Schutzer D., Computer Science Press, Inc., New York, NY, 1986.  Type: Book (9789780881750164)

Inside this disjointed and confusing book is a finer and smaller work waiting to be properly edited into existence. According to the authors, the book is intended to fill a void in the literature documenting military communication syst...

Apr 1 1987
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