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  Fuzzy collaborative forecasting and clustering: methodology, system architecture, and applications
Chen T., Honda K., Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2019. 100 pp.  Type: Book (978-3-030225-73-5)

Collaborative machine learning (ML)--sometimes known as federated ML--has been gaining momentum in the last few years for several in-demand reasons, including privacy-preserving data analysis, sharing complex computat...

Jun 14 2021
   Discrete fuzzy measures: computational aspects
Beliakov G., James S., Wu J., Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2020. 245 pp.  Type: Book (978-3-030153-04-5)

Decision-making is a problem-solving activity aimed at reckoning a choice by taking into account a possibly large number of constraints, preferences, beliefs, and costs, among other things. It is a complex discipline that requires soph...

Mar 9 2020
  A review on the applications of neuro-fuzzy systems in business
Rajab S., Sharma V. Artificial Intelligence Review 49(4): 481-510, 2018.  Type: Article

Neuro-fuzzy systems (NFS) combine two artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, namely neural networks and fuzzy logic systems. This approach takes advantage of the strengths of each technique, while simultaneously overcoming their resp...

Jul 19 2018
  Fuzzy joins using MapReduce
Afrati F., Sarma A., Menestrina D., Parameswaran A., Ullman J.  ICDE 2012 (Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE 28th International Conference on Data Engineering, Washington, DC, Apr 1-5, 2012) 498-509, 2012.  Type: Proceedings

Similarity-based joins are used in many database-oriented applications in clustering, filtering, or data matching (entity resolution). This paper uses the MapReduce computing model to find all similar (threshold-based) pairs of element...

Apr 23 2013
  Diagnosis of diabetes diseases using an artificial immune recognition system2 (AIRS2) with fuzzy k-nearest neighbor
Chikh M., Saidi M., Settouti N. Journal of Medical Systems 36(5): 2721-2729, 2012.  Type: Article

Progress is being made in applying expert systems and artificial intelligence to disease diagnosis. This paper describes an algorithmic approach to improving the ability to determine whether a person has diabetes. The approach improves...

Mar 12 2013
  On the confidence preferences model
Chateauneuf A., Faro J. Fuzzy Sets and Systems 188(1): 1-15, 2012.  Type: Article

Many decisions are required to be made under uncertainty. The classical approach is to model uncertainty using a belief model based on Zadeh’s fuzzy sets of priors with a utility index reflecting possible consequences, such a...

Aug 9 2012
  A hierarchical structure of observer-based adaptive fuzzy-neural controller for MIMO systems
Li I., Lee L. Fuzzy Sets and Systems 185(1): 52-82, 2011.  Type: Article

Research reports on designing adaptive controllers for nonlinear systems appear to be abundant. Numerous approaches are utilized; various systems are analyzed; and the behavior of these controllers, and their effect on the systems, und...

Dec 29 2011
  A method for training finite mixture models under a fuzzy clustering principle
Chatzis S. Fuzzy Sets and Systems 161(23): 3000-3013, 2010.  Type: Article

Finite mixture models (FMMs), as convex combinations of density functions in a parametric family, have been a useful and versatile statistical tool for density estimation, together with the popular expectation-maximization (EM) algorit...

Aug 19 2011
  Transactions on rough sets X (LNCS 5656)
Peters J., Skowron A., Wolski M., Chakraborty M., Wu W. Springer-Verlag, New York, NY, 2009.  Type: Divisible Book

In many practical situations, a set is (or several sets are) part of a natural description of the situation. For example, a black-and-white image can be naturally described as a set of all the black pixels. Another example is binary (y...

Nov 11 2010
  Implementation and performance evaluation using the fuzzy network balanced scorecard
Tseng M. Computers & Education 55(1): 188-201, 2010.  Type: Article

Performance evaluation and improvement topics are widely discussed in academic institutions. Universities are attempting to identify frameworks that would best identify issues and their underlying problems, in an attempt to improve per...

Nov 5 2010
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