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  Practical and low-overhead masking of failures of TCP-based servers
Zagorodnov D., Marzullo K., Alvisi L., Bressoud T. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 27(2): 1-39, 2009.  Type: Article

An interesting approach to maintaining transmission control protocol (TCP) connections when a server crashes is described in this paper. TCP is usually implemented in the operating system, and the protocol provides reliable communicati...

Apr 15 2010
  Rethinking FTP: aggressive block reordering for large file transfers
Anastasiadis S., Wickremesinghe R., Chase J. ACM Transactions on Storage 4(4): 1-27, 2009.  Type: Article

In the context of whole-file transfers, Anastasiadis et al. propose block reordering heuristics to maximize throughput by reducing disk traffic. First, already-cached blocks are transferred to all clients concurrently re...

May 11 2009
  Resilient overlay networks
Andersen D., Balakrishnan H., Kaashoek F., Morris R. ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 35(5): 131-145, 2001.  Type: Article

In a world where peer-to-peer networks flourish, and where Internet path congestion and oscillations are daily events, the need for new efficient routing mechanisms is more and more pressing. Andersen, Balakrishnan, Kaashoek, and Morri...

Jan 11 2005
  The Linux TCP/IP stack: networking for embedded systems
Herbert T., Charles River Media, Inc., Rockland, MA, 2004.  Type: Book (9781584502845)

This is a guide to the transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) code in the 2.6 Linux kernel. Herbert presents the salient data structures, major code flows, and the internals and interfaces of the major networking subs...

Oct 21 2004
  A transparent deployment method of RSVP-aware applications on UNIX
Miao Y., Hwang W., Shieh C. Computer Networks 40(1): 45-56, 2002.  Type: Article

Miao, Hwang, and Shieh use library redirection to add quality of service (QoS) awareness to legacy network applications built on user datagram protocol (UDP) and transmission control protocol (TCP). Their method, called RSVP library re...

Sep 5 2003
  Cisco IOS in a nutshell: a desktop quick reference for IOS on IP networks
Boney J., O’Reilly & Associates, Inc., Sebastopol, CA, 2002. 592 pp.  Type: Book (9781565929425)

This is a perfect reference book for the network engineer. This is especially true if the network engineer is trying to pass the Cisco certified network administrator (CCNA) test, or has a large network of Cisco routers and switches th...

Jun 28 2002
  A high-speed network interface for distributed-memory systems: architecture and applications
Steenkiste P. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 15(1): 75-109, 1997.  Type: Article

A problem in multiprocessor multidata (MPMD) and multiprocessor single data (MPSD) machines is the reassembly of data blocks into a coherent whole. The author provides a solution to this problem. He has developed a sorting algorithm an...

Dec 1 1997
  A distributed implementation of flat concurrent Prolog on message-passing multiprocessor systems
Glässer U., B. G. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Wiesbaden, Germany, 1993.  Type: Book (9783815420515)

Distributed systems come in a number of forms. In the broadest terms, they range from tightly coupled to loosely coupled. The coupling is seen in both the instruction path and the data path. For most problems, decoupling the instructio...

Jun 1 1995
  Limits to low-latency communication on high-speed networks
Thekkath C., Levy H. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 11(2): 179-203, 1993.  Type: Article

The authors argue that, for communication among the components of a distributed system, latency is as much of a problem as speed and that something can be done about it. Each of the paper’s three major sections (excluding the...

Jan 1 1994
  Scheduling of precedence-constrained tasks on multiprocessors
Price C., Salama M. The Computer Journal 33(3): 219-229, 1990.  Type: Article

Four approaches to assigning and scheduling tasks to processors were modeled in an attempt to examine tradeoffs of achieving maximum parallelism simultaneously with minimum communications overhead. This paper focuses on the scheduling ...

Sep 1 1991
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