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  Process Management (D.4.1) See Reviews  
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Concurrency (117)
Deadlocks (23)
Multiprocessing/Multiprogramming/Multitasking (75)
Mutual Exclusion (40)
Scheduling (120)
Synchronization (93)
Threads (20)
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Tso (1)
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Reviews about "Process Management (D.4.1)":
Date Reviewed
A solution approach based on Benders decomposition for the preventive maintenance scheduling problem of a stochastic large-scale energy system
Lusby R., Muller L., Petersen B.  Journal of Scheduling 16(6): 605-628, 2013. Type: Article
Feb 21 2014
A self-tuning design methodology for power-efficient multi-core systems
Sun J., Zheng R., Velamala J., Cao Y., Lysecky R., Shankar K., Roveda J.  ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems 18(1): 1-24, 2012. Type: Article
May 2 2013
The art of multiprocessor programming (rev. ed.)
Herlihy M., Shavit N.,  Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., San Francisco, CA, 2012. 536 pp. Type: Book (978-0-123973-37-5)
Apr 18 2013
 Survey of scheduling techniques for addressing shared resources in multicore processors
Zhuravlev S., Saez J., Blagodurov S., Fedorova A., Prieto M.  ACM Computing Surveys 45(1): 1-28, 2012. Type: Article
Apr 4 2013
A delay optimal scheduling policy for real time services in WCDMA systems
Komnakos D., Skoutas D., Vouyioukas D., Rouskas A.  Wireless Personal Communications: An International Journal 61(2): 435-445, 2011. Type: Article
Jul 23 2012
Worst case analysis of decomposed software pipelining for cyclic unitary RCPSP with precedence delays
Benabid A., Hanen C.  Journal of Scheduling 14(5): 511-522, 2011. Type: Article
May 14 2012
SnowFlock: virtual machine cloning as a first-class cloud primitive
Lagar-Cavilla H., Whitney J., Bryant R., Patchin P., Brudno M., de Lara E., Rumble S., Satyanarayanan M., Scannell A.  ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 29(1): 1-45, 2011. Type: Article
Mar 13 2012
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