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Arora, Amrinder
George Washington University
Washington, Washington DC
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  Link prediction in fuzzy social networks using distributed learning automata
Moradabadi B., Meybodi M.  Applied Intelligence 47(3): 837-849, 2017. Type: Article

Link prediction is an active area within the broader research on social network analysis (SNA) that tries to predict future links using a social network structure. The purpose of link prediction is to use the current structure of the social networ...

Nov 28 2017  
   Centralized allocation of human resources: an application to public schools
López-Torres L., Prior D.  Computers and Operations Research 73(C): 104-114, 2016. Type: Article

Workforce planning--the allocation of human resources to available projects/task units--is a problem that has a direct impact on the financial bottom line of an organization. Whether the organization is a small services company with doze...

Mar 23 2017  
   Worker skill estimation in team-based tasks
Rahman H., Thirumuruganathan S., Roy S., Amer-Yahia S., Das G.  Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 8(11): 1142-1153, 2015. Type: Article

Estimating the skills of individuals is acknowledged to be an important open problem with vast applications to optimal team formation. One difficulty with skill estimation is that the skills in question are generally considered to be “subjec...

Sep 6 2016  
  A general framework for never-ending learning from time series streams
Chen Y., Hao Y., Rakthanmanon T., Zakaria J., Hu B., Keogh E.  Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 29(6): 1622-1664, 2015. Type: Article

Time-series classification, with its vast applications in many fields, such as weather prediction, medicine, zoology, and human behavior analysis, is an active area of research. The problems in this field typically involve training a classifier on...

Mar 7 2016  
  An improved data characterization method and its application in classification algorithm recommendation
Wang G., Song Q., Zhu X.  Applied Intelligence 43(4): 892-912, 2015. Type: Article

Classification is an active research problem, and numerous classification algorithms have been proposed over the past few years. Some algorithms perform better than others, based on the dataset. The “no silver bullet” or “no free...

Jan 20 2016  
  Imputation of missing links and attributes in longitudinal social surveys
Ouzienko V., Obradovic Z.  Machine Learning 95(3): 329-356, 2014. Type: Article

Social network surveys, in which people are asked to identify their friends, are important tools for social scientists for studying social settings and phenomena such as villages, urban settings, street gangs, and crime. Such surveys are often con...

Apr 17 2015  
   Advertising in a stream
Ieong S., Mahdian M., Vassilvitskii S.  WWW 2014 (Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on the World Wide Web, Seoul, Korea,  Apr 7-11, 2014) 29-38, 2014. Type: Proceedings

A “feed,” a personalized list of content, is the new normal for content consumption on the web. Whether in the form of a news feed based on search criteria from favorite news websites, or in the form of a personalized radio station, th...

May 30 2014  
   More reputable recommenders give more accurate recommendations?
Yuan W., Guan D., Han Y., Lee S., Lee Y.  ICUIMC 2013 (Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia,  Jan 17-19, 2013) 1-8, 2013. Type: Proceedings

Predictive analytics has hit the mainstream, thanks to the emergence of many day-to-day consumer applications such as Pandora, Netflix, Yelp, and Epinions, all of which contain some variation of a recommendation engine. These engines (or systems) ...

May 6 2013  
   Near-optimal scheduling mechanisms for deadline-sensitive jobs in large computing clusters
Jain N., Menache I., Naor J., Yaniv J.  SPAA 2012 (Proceedings of the 24th ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures, Pittsburgh, PA,  Jun 25-27, 2012) 255-266, 2012. Type: Proceedings

The nearly simultaneous emergence of cloud computing and big data analytics has brought on new sets of challenges. Organizations have started to replace their own infrastructure with large computing clusters hosted by cloud providers, such as Amaz...

Aug 17 2012  
  A note on disjoint cycles
Kotrbík M.  Information Processing Letters 112(4): 135-137, 2012. Type: Article

Certain measures of graphs, such as the edge coloring number, are hard to compute precisely. Some others, such as the maximum number of vertex-disjoint cycles, are even hard to approximate. It is known, for example, that computing (G...

May 17 2012  
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