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Kilov, Haim
Stevens Institute of Technology
Millington, New Jersey
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Haim Kilov has been involved in all stages of business system specification, design, and development, especially and most recently in business system modeling. His approach to business architecture including business and information modeling has brought demonstrable clarity and understandability (by all stakeholders, especially business ones!) to all kinds of specifications. In particular, it has led to substantial improvements in data quality. The approach requires starting from the basics of the business domain rather than somewhere in the middle, and being as precise and explicit as possible. It strives for simplicity and elegance in modeling and is based on systems thinking (for example, Adam Smith and F.A. Hayek), on exact philosophy (for example, Mario Bunge), and on mathematics understood as the art and science of effective reasoning (E.W. Dijkstra). Haim describes it in six books on modeling and specifications he has written and edited and in more than 100 papers, including an article for an encyclopedia (2009). These publications include many appropriately generalized examples from customer engagements. Haim has been the co-chair and proceedings editor of all OOPSLA and ECOOP workshops on behavioral semantics, and has been a speaker, tutorial presenter, and program committee member of many international conferences. He substantially contributed to several international standards on open distributed processing (applicable to any kinds of business systems) and to the work of various Object Management Group (OMG) working groups and task forces.

Haim has been successfully using and extending his approach to modeling in close cooperation with stakeholders, including senior ones, for large financial, insurance, telecommunications, and other institutions, and does research and consulting in the areas of business and information modeling. He has prepared an innovative curriculum based on his contributions, and has been teaching data and knowledge management at Stevens Institute of Technology, within the framework of the Master of Science in Information Systems program, for numerous groups of students in executive information management programs on and off campus at financial, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical firms such as Citi, UBS, Verizon, Merck, and others in the New York metropolitan area. He has been affiliated with Bellcore, IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Genesis/IONA Technologies.

His current interests are in the areas of modeling complex evolving systems (such as enterprises), especially in deep conceptual commonalities in the modeling of business and IT artifacts. In addition to Computing Reviews, he also reviews for Zentralblatt f¿r Mathematik. His favorite authors include, among others, Lewis Carroll, Adam Smith, Friedrich August von Hayek, Mario Bunge, and Edsger Wybe Dijkstra.

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  Formalism & intuition in software development
Jackson M., Daylight E., De Grave K.,  Lonely Scholar, Geel, Belgium, 2015. 104 pp. Type: Book (978-9-491386-05-3)

This important book is the result of two interviews with Michael A. Jackson, conducted in 2013, for which Jackson rewrote and refined several parts of the transcripts. The interviews were very well prepared and excellent questions were asked....

Oct 23 2017  
   Manifest domains: analysis and description
Bjørner D.  Formal Aspects of Computing 29(2): 175-225, 2017. Type: Article

Dines Bjørner in numerous publications suggested a triptych view of software engineering, specified in this paper as follows: “before hardware and software systems can be designed and coded, we must have a reasonable grasp of ‘its̵...

Aug 11 2017  
  The Turing guide
Copeland J., Bowen J., Sprevak M., Wilson R.,  Oxford University Press, New York, NY, 2017.Type: Book (9780198747826 ), Reviews: (2 of 2)

The 42 chapters of this richly illustrated book describe Turing’s life and contributions from different viewpoints and at different abstraction levels. These essays, written for a (more or less) general audience, frequently show that Turing&...

Jul 7 2017  
   Metadata: shaping knowledge from antiquity to the semantic web
Gartner R.,  Springer International Publishing, New York, NY, 2016. 114 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319408-91-0)

This highly readable, clear, and accessible book by Richard Gartner demonstrates that the term “metadata” is neither--on the one hand--an exotic buzzword, nor--on the other hand--a reference to a resource descriptio...

May 12 2017  
   Closing the barn door: re-prioritizing safety, security, and reliability
Sutcliffe R., Kowarsch B.  WCCCE 2016 (Proceedings of the 21st Western Canadian Conference on Computing Education, Kamloops, BC, Canada,  May 6-7, 2016) Article No. 1, 2016. Type: Proceedings

The problems discussed in this important and timely paper have been with us for decades: the terms “software engineering” and “software crisis” were coined in 1968, when for the first time “programmers’ difficul...

Dec 13 2016  
   The human face of computing (vol. 9)
Calude C.,  Imperial College Press, London, UK, 2015. 448 pp. Type: Book (978-1-783266-43-2)

This enjoyable collection of conversations with 26 outstanding computing scientists and mathematicians is to a certain extent a follow-up to a collection of authored papers [1], also edited by Calude. The most fascinating fragments of many papers ...

Sep 12 2016  
  Late style: Yuri I. Manin looking back on a life in mathematics
Handwerk, A; Willems, H. 00:55:00, published on Jan 1, 2012, Springer, Type: Video

This is a biographical documentary about Yuri Manin, one of the greatest and most interesting mathematicians of our time, with a clear emphasis on the social and political context....

May 17 2016  
   iPhoneography: how to create inspiring photos with your smartphone
Clawson M.,  Apress, New York, NY, 2015. 192 pp. Type: Book (978-1-484217-56-6)

iPhoneography “is the process of taking and editing photos exclusively with [an] iPhone or similar device.” Some of us may still remember whiteboards or blackboards with important graphics and text, and clearly visible writing on the b...

Apr 27 2016  
   Why greatness cannot be planned: the myth of the objective
Stanley K., Lehman J.,  Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated, New York, NY, 2015. 141 pp. Type: Book (978-3-319155-23-4)

The authors argue for serendipitous discoveries based on novelty and uniqueness. This happens when the structure of the search space is completely unpredictable (pp. 8, 97) (and not fixed [1]), that is, when the eventual objective is ambitious, ra...

Jan 15 2016  
   Theory and applications of ontology: computer applications
Poli R., Healy M., Kameas A.,  Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated, New York, NY, 2014. 576 pp. Type: Book (978-9-400793-66-8)

“The ultimate goal of ontology [as a branch of philosophy] is to provide a definitive and complete classification of entities and the relations between those entities in all spheres of reality” (John Davies, p. 197 of this book). In in...

Oct 22 2015  
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