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ADC: Mobile Networks and Applications
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) constitute a set of tiny electronic devices, powered by batteries with limited sensing, computation, and...
Sensor Networks (C.2.1...) | Apr 2 18

Optimizing detection quality and transmission quality of barrier coverage in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks: Mobile Networks and Applications
Invariably all progress is made because we, as the saying goes, are able to see further standing on the shoulders of giants. Yet this is the first time I...
Sensor Networks (C.2.1...) | Apr 3 18

Perceived space in the HTC Vive: ACM Transactions on Applied Perception
This introduction is useful in that it discusses some of the issues that have challenged the development of virtual environments (VEs) and how some of these have already been resolved. Kelly et al. investigate...
Virtual Reality (I.3.7...) | Apr 4 18

Wearable IoT data stream traceability in a distributed health information system: Pervasive and Mobile Computing
Personal use of wearable Internet of Things (IoT) devices for health monitoring is rapidly expanding. For medical use, routing continuous streams of this data raises new security, safety, and complexity...
Internet (C.2.1...) | Apr 5 18

Proxy-assisted access control scheme of cloud data for smart cities: Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
The rapid development of cloud and fog computing accompanied by the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) ensure big data collection from various sources, including humans, devices...
Data Encryption (E.3) | Apr 5 18

Energy efficiency: Communications of the ACM
This article focuses on energy savings for distributed computer systems, particularly using autonomous devices such as smartphones. According to the authors, this problem “is hindered by a lack of knowledge...
Process Management (D.4.1) | Apr 6 18

Index modulation techniques for 5G wireless networks: IEEE Communications Magazine
During recent years, discussions about modulation schemes for 5th generation (5G) wireless communication have been a key topic in technology communities. Modulation polices should be...
Wireless Communication (C.2.1...) | Apr 9 18

Designing for transformative play: ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction
Could the design of specific game types lead to better user experiences? Does a specific type of game make it more enjoyable, and increase the quality of...
Interaction Styles (H.5.2...) | Apr 9 18

α-concave hull, a generalization of convex hull: Theoretical Computer Science
The calculation of the minima and maxima from convex hulls is an important research area in optimization, machine learning, and related fields. Mathematics and machine learning researchers have come up with innovative...
Approximation (G.1.2) | Apr 10 18

A general architecture for robotics systems: Artificial Life
“Conventional views of intelligence and behavior are fundamentally flawed.” That is the inflection point that motivates this paper. Most robotic systems depend on a digitized model of their environment that they...
Robotics (I.2.9) | Apr 10 18

Mathematics for computer graphics

A broad range of mathematical topics is covered in the 18 chapters of this book. The first chapter gives an overview of what this book is about. The next five chapters introduce number sets, algebra...
Computer Graphics (I.3) | Apr 2 18

5G wireless systems

Yang et al. set out their objective of pursuing the latest research simulations and evaluations of possible 5G candidate technologies to comply with the identified International Telecommunication Union (ITU) 5G...
Signal Processing Systems (C.3...) | Apr 4 18

Digital privacy and security using Windows

Anyone who is not worried about personal privacy on the Internet should read this book, as it makes painfully clear how easy our privacy is compromised by various players. Likewise, those who think they are...
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Apr 4 18

Complexity management in engineering design: a primer

The purpose of this well-written habilitation thesis by Maik Maurer is to present a “big picture of complexity management” to guide students “through the necessities, ideas, concepts and implementations” and to give engineers “a framework at hand for...
General (K.6.0) | Apr 4 18


For the great majority of readers, the concept of “information” sits at the core of their professional relevance. Points of view and personal interests can vary: the thought of some will go to Shannon’s information theory, some others will think of societal aspects and the...
Business (J.1...) | Apr 5 18

Essential quantum mechanics for electrical engineers

Essential quantum mechanics for electrical engineers is a deceptively short textbook of almost exactly 200 pages that packs a wallop. If you believe that it’s cruel to allow mathematicians to be college instructors for engineers, this is your book. If you believe...
Engineering (J.2...) | Apr 5 18

Guide to digital forensics

Guide to digital forensics is designed as a 145-page introductory textbook or an overview for practitioners. The author is Swedish, but the concepts are universal. The topic is logically developed in four sections...
Security & Protection (K.6.5) | Apr 5 18

Contextual design: design for life (2nd ed.)

The methodology of contextual design was first introduced in 1992, and it looks at software system design from a broader perspective than is usually done in requirements gathering and design. This book is a second edition, which focuses on a revised...
User-Centered Design (H.5.2...) | Apr 6 18

Representation and reality in humans, other living organisms and intelligent machines

This book comes out of a joint project on which the editors have collaborated since 2012. The book covers various aspects of the subject of representation and its relationship to humans, other living organisms...
General (I.2.0) | Apr 6 18

On the logos

There are many books that you read to get answers to questions and doubts, and there are few books that leave you with more questions and doubts than before reading them. Yet, you can still be satisfied with such books because they give you the idea of the...
Uncertainty, “Fuzzy” & Prob. (I.2.3...) | Apr 9 18

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