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IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
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  Mobile demand profiling for cellular cognitive networking
Furno A., Naboulsi D., Stanica R., Fiore M.  IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 16(3): 772-786, 2017. Type: Article

Furno et al. describe a framework for automated demand profiling in mobile networks. Since participants in mobile communications can move around, both spatial as well as temporal characteristics of network traffic must be considered. In addition, ...

May 16 2017
  What am I looking at? Low-power radio-optical beacons for in-view recognition on smart-glass
Ashok A., Xu C., Vu T., Gruteser M., Howard R., Zhang Y., Mandayam N., Yuan W., Dana K.  IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 15(12): 3185-3199, 2016. Type: Article

In order to justify their name, “smart glasses” need to recognize objects and determine their location in the user’s field of view. While different technologies can be used for object recognition and position estimation, in mobil...

Mar 31 2017
  Towards information diffusion in mobile social networks
Lu Z., Wen Y., Zhang W., Zheng Q., Cao G.  IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 15(5): 1292-1304, 2016. Type: Article

A thorough technical account, this paper addresses an important emerging opportunity in mobile social networks: viral marketing....

Sep 6 2016
  LOS and NLOS classification for underwater acoustic localization
Diamant R., Tan H., Lampe L.  IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 13(2): 311-323, 2014. Type: Article

While wireless communication has many advantages and has become a general-purpose technology today, it is generally challenged by the medium (ionosphere, water, and so on). This paper discusses important work, showcasing methods for addressing cha...

May 1 2014
  Energy-efficient reliable routing considering residual energy in wireless ad hoc networks
Vazifehdan J., Prasad R., Niemegeers I.  IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 13(2): 434-447, 2014. Type: Article

Wireless ad hoc networks are networks in which nodes form a network with their neighboring nodes without the need for a fixed infrastructure. Data transmission is commonly performed through flooding, where every node sends and receives a packet an...

Apr 28 2014
  Topological persistence for medium access control
Lutz J., Colbourn C., Syrotiuk V.  IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 12(8): 1598-1612, 2013. Type: Article

Shared network communication channels must deal with the fundamental issues of scheduling packet transmissions, and what to do about path contention and packet collisions. This paper highlights the authors’ authoritative knowledge of the und...

Oct 15 2013
  Game-theoretic analysis of cooperation incentive strategies in mobile ad hoc networks
Li Z., Shen H.  IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 11(8): 1287-1303, 2012. Type: Article

The topic of the paper is the distribution of tasks in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), where tasks are performed by the cooperating nodes. Node computing resources are limited by assumption, and selfish nodes are not interested in cooperation. To...

Dec 3 2012
  SAMAC: a cross-layer communication protocol for sensor networks with sectored antennas
Felemban E., Vural S., Murawski R., Ekici E., Lee K., Moon Y., Park S.  IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 9(8): 1072-1088, 2010. Type: Article

Felemban et al. investigate the advantage of combining directional antennas and wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Sectored-antenna medium access control (SAMAC), as proposed in the paper, is a protocol that works between layers to facilitate optimu...

Apr 11 2011
  Efficient broadcasting in mobile ad hoc networks
Khabbazian M., Bhargava V.  IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 8(2): 231-245, 2009. Type: Article

Broadcasting is frequently used in network operations in ad hoc networks, such as on-demand route discovery, where every recipient node forwards the message till it is received by the intended receiver, or in maintenance message propagation operat...

Jul 15 2009
  BSMR: Byzantine-resilient secure multicast routing in multihop wireless networks
Curtmola R., Nita-Rotaru C.  IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 8(4): 445-459, 2009. Type: Article

This paper proposes a secure multicast routing protocol that deals with several Byzantine attacks, including black hole, wormhole, and flood rushing....

May 20 2009
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