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The Journal of Supercomputing
Kluwer Academic Publishers
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  A loss aware scalable topology for photonic on chip interconnection networks
Reza A., Sarbazi-Azad H., Khademzadeh A., Shabani H., Niazmand B.  The Journal of Supercomputing 68(1): 106-135, 2014. Type: Article

A cycle-accurate simulation environment for evaluating the topologies aiming to reduce insertion loss in photonic networks is introduced in this paper. The paper considers the D-Mesh topology, which is designed based on space routing in on-chip ph...

Nov 13 2015
  The BonaFide C analyzer: automatic loop-level characterization and coverage measurement
Aldea S., Llanos D., Gonzalez-Escribano A.  The Journal of Supercomputing 68(3): 1378-1401, 2014. Type: Article

Loops in a software application are a crucial construct that heavily drives resource consumption, both in time and memory. For example, an improper loop boundary may have severe ripple effects, resulting in resource consumption anomalies. To exace...

Jul 13 2015
  Design of 4-disjoint gamma interconnection network layouts and reliability analysis of gamma interconnection networks
Rajkumar S., Goyal N.  The Journal of Supercomputing 69(1): 468-491, 2014. Type: Article

Two designs of 4-disjoint gamma interconnection networks for reliable data communication in a tightly coupled, large-scale, multiprocessor system are described in this paper. These two designs provide four disjoint paths for each source-destinatio...

Jun 10 2015
  Assessment of human perceptual sensitivity to physically non-conforming motion in virtual environments
Choi M., Alquzi M., Hong M.  The Journal of Supercomputing 69(3): 1311-1323, 2014. Type: Article

A VR-based assessment system for testing human perceptual sensitivity is proposed in this paper. The main goal of the system is to detect mild traumatic brain injuries. It is based on measuring human perceptual sensitivity to dynamic erroneous mot...

Apr 24 2015
  Customized pipeline and instruction set architecture for embedded processing engines
Yazdanbakhsh A., Salehi M., Fakhraie S.  The Journal of Supercomputing 68(2): 948-977, 2014. Type: Article

This research aims to improve performance in embedded application domains. The authors have not proposed an entirely new set of instructions, but rather have customized instructions by building a dataflow graph (DFG) and profiling the application ...

Apr 9 2015
  Ontology-based access control model for security policy reasoning in cloud computing
Choi C., Choi J., Kim P.  The Journal of Supercomputing 67(3): 711-722, 2014. Type: Article

The title of this paper indicates that it is about an access control model geared toward cloud computing. However, it is not indicated what resources of the cloud are being controlled. The resources at the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) level ...

Jan 12 2015
  PGSW-OS: a novel approach for resource management in a semantic web operating system based on a P2P grid architecture
Javanmardi S., Shojafar M., Shariatmadari S., Abawajy J., Singhal M.  The Journal of Supercomputing 69(2): 955-975, 2014. Type: Article

The paper presents a software and system experiment that exploits the synergy of web operating systems, the grid, and peer-to-peer (P2P) network solutions by putting them into a new framework. In addition, the paper proposes the use of semantic te...

Oct 28 2014
  Virtual machine consolidation based on interference modeling
Kim S., Eom H., Yeom H.  The Journal of Supercomputing 66(3): 1489-1506, 2013. Type: Article

Most previous work on virtual machine (VM) consolidation assumed that VMs residing on the same host were completely isolated from each other. But this is wrong, as Kim et al. convincingly demonstrate: the shared last-level cache and memory interfa...

Oct 13 2014
  Cache vulnerability mitigation using an adaptive cache coherence protocol
Maghsoudloo M., Zarandi H.  The Journal of Supercomputing 68(3): 1048-1067, 2014. Type: Article

Soft errors in on-chip cache hierarchies are studied in this paper, and solutions to the problem are proposed. Soft errors are the result of events such as cosmic ray strikes that flip bits held in on-die transistors. Due to shrinking feature size...

Jul 28 2014
  Improving discovery phase of reactive ad hoc routing protocols using Jaccard distance
Reina D., Toral S., Johnson P., Barrero F.  The Journal of Supercomputing 67(1): 131-152, 2014. Type: Article

Reina et al. propose a novel algorithm, Jaccard distance, to improve redundancy issues during the mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) discovery phase. The Jaccard distance algorithm is a probabilistic-based scheme that uses a single variable of neighbor...

Jul 25 2014
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