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International Journal of Approximate Reasoning
Elsevier Science Inc.
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  Uncertainty and reduction of variable precision multigranulation fuzzy rough sets based on three-way decisions
Feng T., Fan H., Mi J.  International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 85(C): 36-58, 2017. Type: Article

To formalize decision making in information systems with incomplete data, object attributes may be represented as fuzzy sets. Rough sets abstract such systems by two sets that represent the lower and the upper approximation of which objects satisf...

Jul 27 2017
  Dempster’s rule of combination
Shafer G.  International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 7926-40, 2016. Type: Article

The rule of combination of belief functions on infinite sets of possibilities is developed in this paper. The author continues his developments on Dempster’s theory on lower probabilities in order to generalize already-obtained results in th...

Feb 22 2017
  Imprecise random variables, random sets, and Monte Carlo simulation
Fetz T., Oberguggenberger M.  International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 78(C): 252-264, 2016. Type: Article

The presented work considers the problem of evaluating upper and lower probabilities in systems characterized by imprecise random variables. According to the authors, “Methods of imprecise probability have increasingly attracted interest in ...

Nov 10 2016
  Argumentation update in YALLA (yet another logic language for argumentation)
Dupin de Saint-Cyr F., Bisquert P., Cayrol C., Lagasquie-Schiex M.  International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 75(C): 57-92, 2016. Type: Article

“Bob murdered Alice” and “Bob did not murder Alice” are two arguments....

Sep 12 2016
  An evidential approach to SLAM, path planning, and active exploration
Clemens J., Reineking T., Kluth T.  International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 731-26, 2016. Type: Article

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is related to robotic navigation involving optimal path planning and exploring unknown environments. The problems for SLAM increase with navigation in different environments and finding the optimal path...

Jul 21 2016
  Logics for approximate entailment in ordered universes of discourse
Vetterlein T., Esteva F., Godo L.  International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 71(C): 50-63, 2016. Type: Article

In many applications, logical reasoning is necessarily approximate in that an entailment “A implies B” only holds to a certain degree c. For such scenarios, a logic of approximat...

Jun 15 2016
  Representing qualitative capacities as families of possibility measures
Dubois D., Prade H., Rico A.  International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 58(C): 3-24, 2015. Type: Article

Approximate reasoning maps predicates (or, equivalently, sets) to “quantitative” capacities, that is, numerical values that can be interpreted as probabilities, degrees of belief, or similar. This interpretation crucially depends on th...

Sep 1 2015
  Robustness of full implication algorithms based on interval-valued fuzzy inference
Luo M., Zhang K.  International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 62(C): 61-72, 2015. Type: Article

In fuzzy set theory, propositions and inference rules denote fuzzy sets and fuzzy relations, respectively, which use the new input and the defined fuzzy relation to estimate fuzzy reasoning. This fuzzy reasoning is comprised of fuzzy modus ponens ...

Aug 21 2015
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