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Signal Processing
Elsevier Science Publishers B. V.
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  Spectrally adapted Mercer kernels for support vector nonuniform interpolation
Figuera C., Barquero-Pérez Ó., Rojo-Álvarez J., Martínez-Ramón M., Guerrero-Curieses A., Caamaño A.  Signal Processing 94421-433, 2014. Type: Article

This paper addresses the challenging issue of recovery by interpolation of nonuniformly sampled signals, corrupted by additive, zero-mean noise. The reconstruction of a continuous signal from its nonuniformly distributed samples is inherently met ...

Dec 9 2014
  Fast communication: face-image retrieval based on singular values and potential-field representation
Jian M., Lam K.  Signal Processing 1009-15, 2014. Type: Article

The importance of face-image retrieval cannot be overemphasized. This paper presents a method for retrieving face images from a database. The method is based on singular value decomposition (SVD) and potential-field representation....

Oct 20 2014
   Analytical solutions for frequency estimators by interpolation of DFT coefficients
Liao J., Lo S.  Signal Processing 10093-100, 2014. Type: Article

Given a sequence of sinusoidal signals s[n] with additive noise in the time domain, a fundamental problem is to estimate its frequency. It has a wide range of applications, such as biomedical signal processing...

Oct 3 2014
  Similar sensing matrix pursuit: an efficient reconstruction algorithm to cope with deterministic sensing matrix
Liu J., Mallick M., Han C., Yao X., Lian F.  Signal Processing 95101-110, 2014. Type: Article

Compressed sensing (CS) is a new set of techniques that promise good or even exact reconstruction of signals based on a very small number of measurements. When x is a large, sparse vector (that is, x has a sma...

Aug 22 2014
  Generalized fast mixed-radix algorithm for the computation of forward and inverse MDCTs
Gui Z., Ge Y., Zhang D., Wu J.  Signal Processing 92(2): 363-373, 2012. Type: Article

This paper proposes exactly what the title says: a new method for modified discrete cosine transforms (MDCTs). However, there is a problem with the abstract (and indeed throughout the text). The abstract claims that the method applies for “<...

Jan 2 2013
   Generalized eigenvector problem for Hermitian Toeplitz matrices and its application to beamforming
Zhang L., Liu W., Peng B.  Signal Processing 92(2): 374-380, 2012. Type: Article

Zhang et al. present the problem of computing the output signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) as a generalized eigenvalue problem involving two symmetric positive definite Toeplitz matrices, the correlation matrix of the signal and the c...

Jun 21 2012
  CVVEFM: cubical voxels and virtual electric field model for edge detection in color images
Bouda B., Masmoudi L., Aboutajdine D.  Signal Processing 88(4): 905-915, 2008. Type: Article

Bouda et al. propose a color image edge detector that models brightness as a virtual electric charge in order to calculate an electric field to yield gradients and then edges. Each pixel uses its 3-by-3 spatial neighborhood and three spectral band...

Dec 2 2008
  A new general expression for 2-channel FIR paraunitary filterbanks
Domínguez Jiménez M.  Signal Processing 88(7): 1725-1732, 2008. Type: Article

Orthogonal filters have applications in many areas of signal processing. In this paper, the author presents a simple and explicit expression for real orthogonal filters....

Sep 29 2008
  Exploiting geometry for improved hybrid AOA/TDOA-based localization
Bishop A., Fidan B., Doançay K., Anderson B., Pathirana P.  Signal Processing 88(7): 1775-1791, 2008. Type: Article

A localization algorithm based on the use of a hybrid approach is discussed in this paper. Bishop et al. suggest the use of both time difference of arrival (TDOA) and angle of arrival (AOA). This approach is based on the assumption that a number o...

Aug 28 2008
  A generalized approach to the design of variable fractional-delay FIR digital filters
Shyu J., Pei S.  Signal Processing 88(6): 1428-1435, 2008. Type: Article

Fractional-delay finite impulse response (FIR) filters have many uses, such as in communications for timing recovery, or in digital audio for arbitrary resampling....

Jul 1 2008
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