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Theoretical Computer Science
Elsevier Science Publishers Ltd.
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   A general approximation method for bicriteria minimization problems
Halffmann P., Ruzika S., Thielen C., Willems D.  Theoretical Computer Science 695 1-15, 2017. Type: Article

Many applications in operations research require the simultaneous optimization of multiple (typically mutually opposing) objective functions. Since the general problem is usually computationally intractable, bicriteria optimization restricts itsel...

Nov 9 2017
  Uniform continuity of relations and nondeterministic cellular automata
Furusawa H.  Theoretical Computer Science 673 19-29, 2017. Type: Article

Cellular automata are computational structures that can be applied for modeling a wide range of systems in different areas of science. Usually they are characterized by local rules operating on individual cells and their neighborhoods. This paper ...

Oct 19 2017
  Fast rendezvous on a cycle by agents with different speeds
Feinerman O., Korman A., Kutten S., Rodeh Y.  Theoretical Computer Science 688 77-85, 2017. Type: Article

Feinerman et al. provide illustrations concerned with the usefulness of different processing speeds and asynchrony of tasks of the operating agents in distributed computing systems. To investigate the rendezvous (meeting point) problem, a cycle to...

Oct 16 2017
  A linear algorithm for a perfect matching in polyomino graphs
Lin Y., Zhang F.  Theoretical Computer Science 67582-88, 2017. Type: Article

Perfect matching in a graph is a set of edges where any pair does not share a common vertex and every vertex of the graph is the endpoint of an edge from that set. From the paper’s introduction: “A polyomino graph is a connected finite...

Aug 10 2017
  The approximation algorithms for a class of multiple-choice problem
Wang Y., Xu Y.  Theoretical Computer Science 654164-174, 2016. Type: Article

This paper is concerned with the problem of computing coverings of a set of colored points in a plane (I personally find the title slightly misleading). In particular, the initial data consists of a set of points in the plane that are colored with...

Aug 8 2017
  The g-good-neighbor conditional diagnosability of star graphs under the PMC and MM* model
Li D., Lu M.  Theoretical Computer Science 674(C): 53-59, 2017. Type: Article

A network of processors is said to be diagnosable if its faulty nodes can be reliably identified. Identification of a faulty node depends on it having nonfaulty neighbors. The requirement that each fault-free node in a network should have at least...

Aug 7 2017
  On the geometry and algebra of networks with state
Sabadini N., Schiavio F., Walters R.  Theoretical Computer Science 664(C): 144-163, 2017. Type: Article

Several models have been proposed for the modeling of and reasoning about concurrent networks, the most widely known being the several variants of Petri nets. One interesting problem is the dichotomy between the geometric aspects of the network (t...

Jun 14 2017
  Edge-independent spanning trees in augmented cubes
Wang Y., Shen H., Fan J.  Theoretical Computer Science 67023-32, 2017. Type: Article

The efficient construction of edge-independent spanning trees (EISTs) is interesting in itself, but also has important applications in network communications, for example, protocol design, secure communication, and fault-tolerant communication.
Jun 6 2017
  Estimating the subsystem reliability of bubblesort networks
Kung T., Hung C.  Theoretical Computer Science 67045-55, 2017. Type: Article

A bubblesort network consists of nodes labeled with permutations of characters, so that two nodes have a direct connection when their corresponding permutations differ by the interchange of two adjacent characters. A multiprocessor system might be...

Jun 2 2017
  Molecular computers for molecular robots as hybrid systems
Hagiya M., Aubert-Kato N., Wang S., Kobayashi S.  Theoretical Computer Science 6324-20, 2016. Type: Article

DNA computing is expanding its scope from mere DNA-based computing representation to developing integrated systems based on such computing. These integrated systems are called hybrid systems, and they are based on molecular computers, more precise...

May 2 2017
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