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IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
IEEE Press
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  Approaches to co-evolution of metamodels and models: a survey
Hebig R., Khelladi D., Bendraou R.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 43(5): 396-414, 2017. Type: Article

Model-driven approaches are widely used in small and big industries to design and develop embedded and large-scale systems, for example, in the automotive sector, in aircraft design, or in security. Metamodels are the formal definitions of the lan...

Sep 21 2017
   Test oracle strategies for model-based testing
Li N., Offutt J.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 43(4): 372-395, 2017. Type: Article

For software testing, it is important to know the expected results of test inputs. In a simple form, an oracle helps to determine if a test passed or failed by providing the expected output for a given test input. Oracle strategies intend to deter...

Aug 10 2017
  Dependence guided symbolic execution
Wang H., Liu T., Guan X., Shen C., Zheng Q., Yang Z.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 43(3): 252-271, 2017. Type: Article

To make the developer’s life easier, many tools have been created for analyzing source code. Such analysis can be used, for example, to detect bugs, to check the coverage of a set of tests, or even to generalize testing by using symbolic var...

Jun 23 2017
  Test case prioritization using lexicographical ordering
Eghbali S., Tahvildari L.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 42(12): 1178-1195, 2016. Type: Article

Eghbali and Tahvildari examine a previously uncovered technique that orders test cases based on their coverage of code components, the additional technique (AT). They determine that ties can occur in AT-type techniques and then propose a heuristic...

May 26 2017
  Designing autonomic management systems by using reactive control techniques
Berthier N., Rutten E., De Palma N., Gueye S.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 42(7): 640-657, 2016. Type: Article

Abstraction, decomposition/composition, modularity, and hierarchy are important principles of effective and efficient system design, but their application to new, more complex, and distributed applications is challenging. Using these principles, t...

May 5 2017
   How social and communication channels shape and challenge a participatory culture in software development
Storey M., Zagalsky A., Filho F., Singer L., German D.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 43(2): 185-204, 2017. Type: Article

Decades ago, Vannevar Bush was encouraging scientists to focus on inventions that extend man’s mind power rather than only man’s physical powers [1]. In a sense, his call has come true in software development....

May 3 2017
  A study of causes and consequences of client-side JavaScript bugs
Ocariza F., Bajaj K., Pattabiraman K., Mesbah A.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 43(2): 128-144, 2017. Type: Article

JavaScript and web applications are very important aspects of the software products developed for both browser- and mobile-based applications. One pillar of such application development is the usage of JavaScript for interaction with clients (for ...

May 2 2017
  SITAR: GUI test script repair
Gao Z., Chen Z., Zou Y., Memon A.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 42(2): 170-186, 2016. Type: Article

The testing of a graphical user interface (GUI) often requires extensive human interactions with the system, which is tedious, time consuming, and costly. Even if failures are detected, testers cannot tell whether they are due to human errors or s...

Apr 27 2017
  A survey on software fault localization
Wong W., Gao R., Li Y., Abreu R., Wotawa F.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 42(8): 707-740, 2016. Type: Article

The most important software fault localization techniques published through 2014 are reviewed and classified in this paper. Concretely, the information sources of this survey are 331 papers and 54 PhD and master’s theses published from 1977 ...

Mar 9 2017
  Developer micro interaction metrics for software defect prediction
Lee T., Nam J., Han D., Kim S., In H.  IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 42(11): 1015-1035, 2016. Type: Article

Predicting whether released software will contain bugs or defects, or will not behave as expected is considered crucial in the software market, where the time to live of a release is considered to be around a year. It is reported that four weeks o...

Mar 3 2017
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