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   CopyCatch: stopping group attacks by spotting lockstep behavior in social networks
Beutel A., Xu W., Guruswami V., Palow C., Faloutsos C.  WWW 2013 (Proceedings of the 22nd International World Wide Web Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  May 13-17, 2013) 119-130, 2013. Type: Proceedings

In Web 2.0, the content is no longer static, but rather dynamically user generated. In this universe, the more interaction a product page or user profile gets, the greater the potential profits an individual or company may achieve with advertiseme...
May 15 2014  
  Artin automorphisms, cyclotomic function fields, and folded list-decodable codes
Guruswami V.  STOC 2009 (Proceedings of the 41st Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing, Bethesda, MD,  May 31-Jun 2, 2009) 23-32, 2009. Type: Proceedings

Guruswami and several collaborators have developed the idea of list decoding of linear codes, focusing on folded Reed-Solomon codes. “Folded” means that one regards a sequence of n symbols, from the alphabet ...
Aug 18 2009  
  Algorithmic results in list decoding
Guruswami V.  Foundations and Trends in Theoretical Computer Science 2(2): 107-195, 2006. Type: Article

Continuing the study of error detecting and correcting codes based on Guruswami’s list decoding [1], this paper’s idea is to obtain, as result of decoding, a small list of candidate messages that will, of course, include the correct me...
Sep 24 2008  
  Clustering with qualitative information
Charikar M., Guruswami V., Wirth A.  Journal of Computer and System Sciences 71(3): 360-383, 2005. Type: Article

Grouping or clustering elements based on their relative similarities is a principal step in data analysis, with bioinformatics being one of the applications. Similarity can be defined by a number that measures the strength of the relation, leading...
May 23 2006  
  Query strategies for priced information: an experiment with the shortest-paths algorithms
Charikar M., Fagin R., Guruswami V., Kleinberg J., Raghavan P., Sahai A.  Journal of Computer and System Sciences 64(4): 785-819, 2002. Type: Article

In this paper, lowest cost algorithms are described for finding the value of a Boolean function by sequentially assigning values to variables, in the case when each input variable has an associated price. A corresponding situation is when software...
Jul 24 2003  

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